Draft amendment to Growth Centre Precincts DCP - road verge widths

Submissions closed on 16 October 2017, 05:30 PM

The main body of the Blacktown City Growth Centre Precincts DCP specifies street layout and standard design controls to facilitate safety, convenience, clear accessibility, management of environmental impacts, efficient lot orientation and attractive streetscape and hierarchical interconnection. These controls apply consistently across the Blacktown Growth Centre Precincts.

 Clause 10 under Section 3.4.1 of the main body of the DCP allows for discretionary consideration to reduce the verge widths to a minimum of 1m on roads running adjacent to public open space or drainage land, subject to public utilities, bollards and fencing being adequately provided.

The reduction of verge widths to 1m may be beneficial in certain circumstances by requiring less land to be acquired and an ability to provide pathways within the reserve in the circumstances where the road design levels are consistent with existing levels of adjacent public recreation or drainage land.

However, the Clause does not provide any requirement to consider the relativity of design road levels to adjacent open space or drainage land levels.

This DCP amendment will clarify the intent of the clause to assist applicants in preparing their Development Applications (DAs) accordingly and to assist Council officers in assessing DAs, reflecting the intended outcome and eliminating unnecessary disputes. 

The proposed amendment to the Blacktown Growth Centre Precincts DCP shall apply to all the rezoned Priority Growth Area Precincts within the Blacktown Local Government Area.


If you wish to make a submission on the proposed DCP amendment you are invited to do so, in writing, during the exhibition period.  Council is obliged to consider all submissions received before making a final decision about the draft Plan.

 Submissions should be addressed to:  

The General Manager Blacktown City Council

PO Box 63 BLACKTOWN NSW 2148  or council@blacktown.nsw.gov.au

All submissions are to be received by Council no later than 5.30pm, 16 October 2017.

If you make a submission on the proposed DCP amendment you will be notified of the date of the Council meeting at which the matter will be considered and invited to attend.  You will also be notified, in writing, of Council’s resolution.


Controls for the Street layout and design and typical cross-sections are found in the main body of the Growth Centres DCP under Section 3.4.1 in Part 3 – Neighbourhood and subdivision design. Clause 10 of these controls, which allows Council a discretion to reduce a verge width to a minimum of 1m on sites adjoining open space or drainage land, is ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Due to the lack of clarity in the way Clause 10 is worded, without providing any requirements to consider the design levels, it has become the expectation by the developers, surveyors and engineers taking it as a given.  There have been cases where some developers have been taken advantage of this clause to reduce the verge width to 1m regardless of level differences between the road/verge and the adjacent open space or drainage land.

 As a consequence a number of undesirable design conditions have resulted, such as batters on public open space land, retaining walls with vehicular barriers to retain the road resulting in no access or safe pedestrian zone along the public open space land and misalignments of the connecting street’s kerbs adjacent to public open space lands.

It is a growing problem in the Growth Centre precincts with several applications progressing to Section 34 Conciliation Hearings and/or Land and Environment Court cases.