Have your say – Council’s plans for 2021/22

Submissions closed on 01 June 2021, 11:59 PM

Would you like to have your say on Council’s plans and budget for the coming year?

Council has updated its Operational Plan for 2021/22 and is seeking community feedback. This plan includes the draft:

  • budget
  • capital works and
  • rates, fees and charges.

Council has also updated the 10 year long term financial plan.

These documents will be on public exhibition from Wednesday 5 May through to Tuesday 1 June.  Copies of the documents are available by clicking on the links below.

The last day to have your say is Tuesday 1 June 2021. All submissions will be considered before Council adopts the final plan and budget for the year.

Draft Delivery Program 2017-2022 and Operational Plan 2021/22(PDF, 11MB)

Draft Works Improvement Program 2021/22(PDF, 4MB)

Draft Goods and Service Pricing Schedule 2021/22(PDF, 4MB)

Draft Long Term Financial Plan 2021-2031(PDF, 2MB)


Here are the answers from the questions that were asked in the comments of the livestream

Skatepark in Blacktown or seven hills cmooooon ⤵️


Council understands the importance of skate parks for our community as part of the suite of community sport and recreation infrastructure.

Council is proud of the existing 4 skate facilities at Rooty Hill, Lalor Park, the recently delivered skate park at Riverstone and the skate ramps at Blacktown Aquatic Centre, Blacktown.

Whilst we would like to deliver a skate facility in every suburb, this just isn’t feasible. Council is currently investigating opportunities to deliver additional skate opportunities in Glenwood in response to regular and sustained community feedback.

In the meantime, we encourage you to utilise the skate facilities in your requested catchment being Blacktown Aquatic Centre and Chifley Park, Lalor Park - located adjacent Seven Hills.


Put a new park where the soccer & baseball fields are in willmot for the kids that play baseball so they can go play while the elder kids & people are playing ⤵️

In response to community feedback, Council has recently upgraded the playspace in Willmot Reserve, just to the west and 2 streets away from Peter Van Hasselt Park - the location of your requested playspace.

Further, Council has recently allocated $130,000 for the upgrade of the playspace at Tandarra Park, Shalvey, just to the east of Peter Van Hasselt Park.

Whilst these playspaces serve the needs of the surrounding residents, we acknowledge that they do not serve the children visiting Peter Van Hasselt for sport or spectating.

As a result, Council will investigate the opportunity to provide an additional playspace in Peter Van Hasselt Park and list in Council’s Works Improvement Program if it is deemed appropriate for future funding consideration. It is noted that Peter Van Hasselt is Crown Land not owned by Blacktown City Council and the land is earmarked to accomodate the proposed but not funded NSW Government Castlereagh Freeway, therefore we need to ensure any investment of community funds at this location is not incompatible with the NSW Government’s plans.


We need parks and reserves in Tallawong not even one at present. Hopefully boundary road will end up like hambledon road with landscaping and trees ⤵️


The matter of park, play and recreation facility supply across the north west growth centre and new suburbs like Tallawong is one Council is continuously working with land developers on. These are complex matters where Council unfortunately does not have full control over the delivery timing for the residential lots. Often these are delivered by a private developer far ahead of the desired and indeed required public infrastructure such as roads, drainage infrastructure and of course parks. Council is not the final authority in these private residential developments and as a result there can be instances where the lots are delivered in the absence of the public infrastructure.

We are aware of cases where the developer has sold land to the new homeowner on the basis that a new park will be delivered across the road by the time settlement occurs, with the developer having no intention or ability to deliver the park they base their marketing on. We as Council must deliver infrastructure in accordance with the relevant Contributions Plans and other competing priorities across the developing part of the city.

Specific to the Tallawong precinct, Reserve 919, Reserve 920, Reserve 921 will be a local park including a playground, while Reserve 926 will be open space areas with landscaping. We acknowledge that some of these parks are some time off and we encourage you to use the existing public open space areas in the Schofields area. These include the recently opened Riverstone Skate Park, Schofields Park and of course Rouse Hill Regional Park.

If you would like to read further information about the planned works in and around your area including the timeline for delivery, Council’s Contribution Plan can be accessed on our website, https://www.blacktown.nsw.gov.au/Plan-build/Stage-2-plans-and-guidelines/Section-7.11-Plans-Planning-Agreements-and-Works-in-Kind/Section-7.11-contributions-plans, by selecting the PDF document on the right-hand side ‘No. 20 – Riverstone – Alex Avenue – Precinct – Works’ pages 56 – 61.

In the Tallawong, Grantham Farm, Riverstone and Schofields catchment area, the following recreation projects have been delivered by Council in recent years:

• Riverstone Skate Park

• Edgar Barlow Park – Neighbourhood Park including playground, landscaping

• Reserve 879 – Local park including playground and landscaping

• Reserve 928 - Landscaping works, fencing and kick about space

• Reserve 883 - Local park including landscaping and fencing

• Ridgeview Park – upgrade of playground upgrade and dog off-leash area

• Reserve 971 – Local park including playground and landscaping

• Reserve 1020 – Local park with playground and landscaping

Tree planting has been included as part of the Boundary Road project and is in the process of being installed. Trees will be installed where adequate space allows taking into account driveways and intersection sightlines are not impeded. Non-mountable roundabouts will be landscaped with a central feature tree and low groundcover plantings.


Are there any plans on expanding the Francis Rd overpass at Rooty Hill, we had politicians in the paper saying they were looking into it, that was years ago and still nothing. ⤵️


The Davis Overpass, Francis Road, Railway Street and Duke Street are roads under the responsibility of NSW Government’s Transport for NSW. Over the last decade we have made numerous unsuccessful representations to the NSW Premier and the Minister for Transport and Roads, seeking to have these roads upgraded and widened from 2-lanes to 4-lanes, along with duplication of the Davis Overpass.

We share concerns about the lack of progress and will continue to advocate for the government to upgrade these roads. The community is also encouraged to write to the Minister for Transport and Roads, and Local Members of Parliament about the need to urgently upgrade these roads.


We are encouraged to see funding allocated for the Riverstone Town Centre Our community has expressed concerns that the masterplan does not address traffic, a transport hub and greenspaces.

Can the Mayor update us on the latest developments in the finalisation of the Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan, and the inclusion of areas west of the railway in an expanded Masterplan to address these concerns? ⤵️


On 22 November 2017, Council adopted its Masterplan for the Riverstone Town Centre. This decision was made following consultation with the community mid-2016.

Council adopted Option 2 'Main Street' as the design and planning basis for the Masterplan. This option establishes Market Street as the new core of the Town Centre. The aim is to create a traditional main street along Market Street that will become a key focal point in the Riverstone Town Centre.

Council has prepared a Planning Proposal to amend the planning controls in the Riverstone Town Centre, as part 1 of a staged approach to the implementation of the Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan. The proposed amendments will rezone land from R2 Low Density Residential to B4 Mixed Use and R4 High Density Residential, as well as raise the permissible building height in the centre. This will facilitate investment in development and renewal in the town centre. The land to be rezoned includes the area identified in the Masterplan for future development as a community hub and new village green on Market Street.

The Planning Proposal was exhibited from 15 January to 21 February 2020. Following exhibition, we received submissions from NSW Government agencies requiring further studies to assess flood risk and transport and access requirements to support the Planning Proposal.

We are working with the NSW Government to finalise this work. We are ensuring that the flood risk assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of the current and future flood risk for the area. The flood study is close to completion and will provide guidance on how development can be managed and staged safely.

We are also discussing with the NSW Government possible solutions to managing the traffic implications of our Planning Proposal. Development in the Riverstone Town Centre is reliant on regional road network improvements on Bandon Road and Garfield Road, which is outside the control of Council.

Once we have certainty from the NSW Government concerning flooding and traffic we will be able to progress the Planning Proposal to finalisation.

The land west of the railway line is located in the Riverstone West Precinct. Development potential of this land is reliant on the NSW Government completing flood modelling. We want to progress with development in the Town Centre. We will consider the relationship of future development west of the railway line with the Town Centre when the NSW Government completes its flood model and has determined its development potential.


Here is the link to the Riverstone Masterplan on our website:



What about the real estate agents taking over our suburbs on the weekend with their advertising on pretty much on every street corner and round about? ⤵️


We have been actively issuing penalty notices (on-the-spot fines) for advertising signs that do not comply with legislation where they come to our attention. We have also written to the NSW Real Estate Institute on 2 separate occasions, firstly in August 2020, and again in early May 2021, requesting that they advise their members to comply, or face fines from Council officers. We will continue to issue fines where we identify non-compliant signage.

When will the abandoned Medical Centre on Luxford Road Mt Druitt be demolished. It is unpleasant to look at. 

A demolition Order is currently active for the property. It requires demolition of the building, and the removal of all waste from the site, by 29 July 2021.


We need greenwaste bins Kings Langley ⤵️


The reason we do not provide a separate garden waste bin is that our two bin system provides the same bin capacity as those councils with a three bin system such as The Hills and Parramatta City.

Organic material such as garden clippings can be placed in the household garbage collection bin we provide. This is processed at an alternative waste treatment facility at Eastern Creek known as the UR-3R. The UR-3R processes food scraps and garden waste to produce compost, which until October 2018 was used to remediate and condition soil.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority directed on 25 October 2018, that the compost from the UR-3R facility applied to land would no longer be permitted. We are working with the UR-3R operators and the NSW Environment Protection Authority to ensure that this facility can continue to provide diversion of waste from landfill. It currently diverts approximately 30% of the waste sent there.

We also encourage composting garden waste at home. To help we can:

• give residents a $25 rebate for any compost bin, worm farm or bokashi bin purchased (limit of 2 per household)

• sell a compost bin and/or worm farm at cost and if eligible, residents can also claim the rebate

• invite residents to attend a free community workshop on how compost garden waste at home.

We have recently undertaken community consultation on what the community would like to see in a future waste service. This information is now being used to assist in the development of our new waste and resource recovery strategy which will include recommendations on the waste services we provide. It is envisaged that this strategy will be considered by Council in November 2021.


Can we get green waste bins for each home? I asked this a while ago and still no answer. ⤵️


As above


I'm a resident of Woodstock ave Dharruk and the night before the bins go out Monday morning there is a couple of going through the bins to find plastic bottles and glass bottles they are leaving a huge mess on the footpath which goes onto the roads this morning I filled up at black garbage bag of my own and my neighbours rubbish please do something about it.. kind regards residents ⤵️


We have seen an increase in this activity since the NSW Government implemented the Container Deposit Scheme.

Whilst we would hope people would seek your permission before going through the contents of your bin looking for eligible containers, we understand this doesn’t always happen. It is an unintended consequence of the scheme that is difficult to control.

Any anti-social behaviour, trespassing onto your property etc. should be reported to the Police.

If the person is leaving litter on the ground and you can identify them (e.g. where they live/car registration number) we may be able to follow up with them to warn them about littering offences.

We have also developed a sticker for residents to place on their bin to advise they do not wish people to go searching through their recycling bin for containers.


Please contact us on 9839 6000 if you would like a sticker and we will arrange to have one sent out to you.



Fix Richmond road. ⤵️


Richmond Road is a state road under the responsibility of the State Government’s Transport for NSW (formerly Roads & Maritime Services). Blacktown City is continuing to make strong representations to Transport for NSW to upgrade and widen Richmond Road, to at least 3 through-traffic lanes in each direction to the north of the M7 Motorway.

Richmond Road currently has 4-lanes to the north of the M7 Motorway and traffic struggles to move along it for most of the day. The existing 4-lanes are clearly inadequate to cater for the amount of traffic currently using it, let alone the future traffic expected from the rapidly developing Marsden Park and other nearby residential release areas.

In January 2021, Mayor Bleasdale wrote to the Minister for Transport and Roads to expedite as a priority, the upgrade of Richmond Road to at least 6 lanes from the M7 Motorway to the proposed Bandon Road. Transport for NSW has advised that they are currently investigating widening Richmond Road from M7 Motorway to Alderton Drive.


What about the in and out access to ACU. Flushcombe Rd, Prospect Hwy and Reservoir Rd/ Balmoral Rd are shocking any plans ? ⤵️

Prospect Highway, Reservoir Road and Balmoral Street are state roads under the responsibility of the State Government’s Transport for NSW (formerly Roads & Maritime Services). Flushcombe Road is a council local road under the responsibility of Blacktown City.

Prospect Highway upgrade

After decades of representations from Blacktown City on behalf of the local community, the State Government has provided funding to upgrade the Prospect Highway to 4 lanes wide, between St Martins Crescent and Reservoir Road. Planning for the upgrade is now complete and work is underway to relocate utilities along Prospect Highway, before road construction commences. A start date for major construction work is still to be determined.

Further information including phone and email contact details, are available on the Transport for NSW project website at the following link: Prospect Highway upgrade.


Flushcombe Road

Flushcombe Road is a collector road with 1 through-traffic lane in each direction, and is used by traffic to by-pass the heavily congested state roads of Prospect Highway and Reservoir Road. Once the Prospect Highway is upgrade and widened, we expect less traffic will be using Flushcombe Road.


Reservoir Road and Balmoral Street

Transport for NSW hasn’t advised of any proposed upgrades to either Reservoir Road or Balmoral Street.


When projects are proposed, information about proposed works including state road upgrades, is available on the Transport for NSW website at the following link: https://roads-waterways.transport.nsw.gov.au/projects/index.html.


Fix rooty Hill Rd. On ACA you seemed sympathetic. All an act ⤵️


Rooty Hill Road North is a state road under the responsibility of the State Government’s Transport for NSW (formerly Roads & Maritime Services), between Richmond Road and Woodstock Avenue.

In January 2021, Mayor Bleasdale wrote to the Minister for Transport and Roads to expedite the upgrade of Rooty Hill Road North to at least 4 lanes between Richmond Road and Woodstock Avenue, and also to urgently provide traffic lights at the pedestrian Zebra crossing to the north of Bottles Road.

In April 2021, Mayor Bleasdale had an urgent meeting with senior staff from the office of the Minister for Transport about upgrading Rooty Hill Road North, following a tragic pedestrian fatality at the crossing in March 2021. Transport for NSW is currently investigating our request on behalf of the grieving family, to provide traffic lights at the crossing. We will keep the community informed of any progress on these matters.

Rooty Hill Road South, Francis Road, Railway Street and Duke Street are state roads under the responsibility of the State Government’s Transport for NSW (formerly Roads & Maritime Services).

In January 2021, Mayor Bleasdale wrote to the Minister for Transport and Roads requesting the upgrade of these roads to at least 4 lanes, including duplication of the Davis Overpass across the main western railway line. While Transport for NSW has long-term plans to widen these roads, the state government hasn’t allocated funding for the much needed upgrade.