Our Creative City

Submissions closed on 20 April 2021, 05:00 PM

Our Creative City 

Our Creative City is a new cultural plan for Blacktown and we would like to know about the creative and cultural experiences that are important to you. 

Whether it’s reading a book or playing an instrument, attending a festival or learning how to dance, watching a film or making one on your phone, creativity and culture are part of everyone’s daily life.  

Have your say on the future of Our Creative City.


The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Complete the survey here. 

Thank you for your valued feedback. 


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Creativity and culture benefit all of us


Imagination and innovation 

Creative experiences spark our imagination and inspire new ideas. Blacktown is a dynamic and fast-growing city. Creativity and culture can build our reputation for innovation and boost our economy. 



Happier and healthier 

Participating in creative and cultural activities is good for our health and wellbeing. Blacktown is a large and fast-growing city. Creativity and culture can reduce isolation and combat health conditions such as dementia, depression and anxiety. 



Children and young people 

Creative activities enable children and young people to excel. Blacktown is a city of young people and families. Creativity and culture help kids develop better language and literacy skills, and builds their confidence. 



Sense of identity 

Events and festivals bring us to together, give a sense of community.  Blacktown is one of Australia’s most diverse cities. Creativity and culture reflect who we are, helping us to understand ourselves and others. 



Better place to live and work

Culture makes our cities and neighbourhoods great places to live and work. Blacktown’s rapidly transforming commercial hub is matched by the incredible beauty and biodiversity of our reserves, bushland and waterways. Public art and outdoor events bring the city to life and connect us to the natural environment.