Proposed changes to site waste management control

Submissions closed on 14 February 2018, 05:00 PM

Waste being collected

You are invited to have your say on proposed changes to the planning controls for site waste management and minimisation. We want to know what you like or dislike about the proposed changes, and why.   

The purpose of the amendment is to prohibit street frontage collection of garbage bins for multi dwelling housing, residential flat buildings and mixed use developments. 

The proposed amendment will help to protect the amenity of residential neighbourhoods, increase the availability of on-street parking and reduce the risk of public health and safety issues. It is preferable that onsite bin collection occurs at either ground level from the rear of the site and behind the building line or from the basement.   

The exhibition period will run from 17 January to 14 February 2018. 

After the exhibition, Council will consider all of the written submissions before it makes its final decision.  

What is changing?

It is proposed to change the site waste management and minimisation planning controls in Part G of Blacktown Development Control Plan (DCP) 2015.   

What does a DCP do?

A DCP tells you what you need to do for an approval to build on land or to operate a business. For example, it will tell you how many car parking spaces you must have, or it might tell you that you need to have a traffic report when you submit your Development Application to Council.   


How to make a submission 

To have your say please write to Council and quote file number F15/1808. All submissions must be received before 5 pm on 14 February 2018. 

You can send your submission to:  

A submission by way of objection must set out the grounds of the objection. Please be aware that your submission may be made available to any person or organisation without notification.

 A Disclosure Statement must be lodged by any person making a submission where a reportable political donation or gift has been made to certain people or organisations within 2 years before the submission is made.


All enquiries should be directed to Sarah Sheehan of Council’s Planning Policy Team on 9839 6000.