Submissions closing on 04 November 2020, 11:59 PM

Renotify - Development Application –  Torrens title subdivision of 1 lot into 2, and the construction of a single storey dwelling. 

How to make a submission

If you wish to comment on the application, please forward written submissions to us by 04 November 2020.

Please quote DA-20-01403 addressing your submission to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Blacktown City Council

PO Box 63

Blacktown NSW 2148

Submissions can also be forwarded via email to council@blacktown.nsw.gov.au.

A submission by way of objection must set out the grounds of the objection. Any information included in submissions may be made available to third parties in accordance with relevant legislation.  A Disclosure Statement must be lodged by any person making a submission where a reportable political donation or gift has been made to certain people or organisations within 2 years before the submission is made.



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