Developing the International Centre of Training Excellence

Submissions closed on 19 November 2018, 05:30 PM

ICTE concept

We are developing the International Centre of Training Excellence (ICTE) as a world-leading multisport high performance, education, sports medicine and accelerated recovery facility.

The ICTE will be the centrepiece for the future of Blacktown International Sportspark and will cement Blacktown as the sporting capital of Western Sydney.

The $100 million ICTE is scheduled to open in 2021. It will serve visiting international teams, our elite athletes, local sportspeople and the wider community.

All will benefit from top quality support including cutting edge training, physio and sports science research facilities.

The ICTE will recognise, nurture and develop athletic talent. It will provide sports science and medicine, education and rehabilitation to both sportspeople and others in need of recovery treatment.

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