Exhibition of Planning Proposal - St Bartholomew's Cemetery, Prospect

Submissions closed on 11 October 2019, 05:00 PM

We invite you to have your say on a Planning Proposal to amend Blacktown Local Environmental Plan 2015. 

The Planning Proposal proposes the following for land adjacent to the existing St Bartholomew's Cemetery at Prospect: 

 ■ rezone land to the east of the existing cemetery from RE1 - Public Recreation, RU 4 - Primary Production Small Lots and SP 2 Classified Road to SP1 - Cemetery;

■ reclassify part of the subject land (15 parcels of land in Council's ownership) from 'community' land to 'operational' land;

■ make corresponding changes to the Land Reservation Acquisition Map and Lot Size Map.

The project aims to facilitate the expansion of St Bartholomew's Cemetery to accommodate upwards of 10,000 new burials. It will ensure that there is sufficient and suitable land available to meet future demand for interment services, and provide the community with important services and facilities. The proposal is one of Council's Transformational projects. 

If you wish to make a submission, please do so in writing by midnight on Friday 11 October, 2019. 

You can email your submission to council@blacktown.nsw.gov.au or post a hard copy to The Chief Executive Officer, Blacktown City Council, PO Box 63, Blacktown NSW 2148 

Please be aware that your submission may be made available to any person or organisation without notification. 

Any person making a submission must lodge a Disclosure Statement if a reportable political donation or gift has been made to certain people or organisations within the last 2 years. The Disclosure Statement is available on our website. 

Public Hearing - Reclassification of public land 

After the close of the exhibition period, a public hearing into the reclassification of land will be scheduled so that you have another opportunity to have your say about reclassifying Council owned land. 

Details of the public hearing will be made available on Council's website and advertised in local papers. 




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