Public notice of proposed classification of land

Submissions closed on 18 December 2018, 05:30 AM

In accordance with section 34 of the Local Government Act 1993, as amended, Council gives notice of its intention to classify, upon acquisition, the land listed below as ‘operational land’.

Lots/DP: Part of Lot 191 DP1241102
Address: Edmund Street, Riverstone
Purpose: Subdivisional road

Any submission in regard to this matter must be received by Council by 18 December 2018.

How to make a submission

The public notification period will run from Wednesday 21 November 2018 to Tuesday 18 December 2018.

Anyone wishing to make comment on this is invited to forward written submissions to Council by 5.30pm, Tuesday 18 December 2018. Please address your submission to:

Chief Executive Officer
Blacktown City Council
PO Box 63
Blacktown NSW 2148

Submissions can also be forwarded to Council via email

A submission by way of objection must set out the grounds of the objection. Any information included in submissions may be made available to third parties in accordance with relevant legislation.