Riverstone Town Centre Planning Proposal

Submissions closed on 21 February 2020, 06:00 PM

We invite you to have your say on the Riverstone Town Centre Planning Proposal.

The Planning Proposal seeks to amend the Blacktown Local Environmental Plan 2015 to implement the strategies and recommendations contained in the Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan. The Masterplan was adopted by Council on 22 November 2017 following consultation with the community, and sets our strategic direction to shape, manage and revitalise commercial and residential growth within the Riverstone Town Centre over the next 20 years

This Planning Proposal is Part 1 of a staged approach to the implementation of the Masterplan recommendations. The proposed changes include:

  • rezoning land within the Riverstone Town Centre core area from R2 Low Density Residential and RE2 Private Recreation to B4 Mixed Use and R4 High Density Residential to enable a mix of commercial, retail and higher density residential uses
  • changing the maximum building height controls from 9 m up to 20 m (6 storeys) and 32 m (10 storeys) across the Town Centre
  • potential to allow additional building height up to 50 m (15 storeys) on key sites between Pitt Street and Riverstone Parade, subject to an architectural design competition
  • changing the Lot Size Map to align with the proposed zoning changes
  • identifying land to be acquired by Council for community uses to serve the additional population
  • changing the Design Excellence Map to include land in the Riverstone Town Centre area to ensure that future development delivers a high standard of architectural and urban design outcome.

The Planning Proposal and associated documents can be viewed at the Riverstone Library, Riverstone Village Shopping Centre and at the Gateway Counter at the Blacktown City Council Civic Centre, Flushcombe Road, Blacktown. 


All submissions must be made in writing and forwarded to Council no later than 5.30 pm on 21 February 2020. Please address your submission to the Chief Executive Officer, Blacktown City Council, PO Box 63, Blacktown NSW 2148 and quote file reference number F14/2532. Submissions can also be emailed to council@blacktown.nsw.gov.au.

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