“Bad DADi’s” delusional about EfW Incinerator

Published on 28 April 2018

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Blacktown City Mayor Stephen Bali MP says Dial a Dump Industries (DADi) is in a delusional state over the worth of its project at Eastern Creek.

“Today DADi dismissed the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), the Environment Protection Agency, the NSW Department of Health and Blacktown and Penrith councils as well as some 1,000 community objectors as ‘a few NIMBY’s [sic]’,” Mayor Bali said.

“Ironically, the DADi media release only highlights the inadequacy of its repeated attempts to get its incinerator approved,” Mayor Bali said.

“DADi rightly says EfW plants are operating in Europe where rigorous regulatory regimes are in place.

“Nowhere does DADi say it is so far failing to get one operating in NSW, where the regulations are nowhere near as strict.

“Despite three attempts and constant re-writing of environmental modelling, DADi has consistently failed to comply with NSW standards, let along those in Europe.

“This demonstrates just how dangerous this plant could be for the community if approved.

“Bad DADi,” he said.

Background Information

The application to build an Energy from Waste Incinerator at Eastern Creek is currently before the Independent Planning Commission for final approval or rejection.

In its assessment of the project, that well known NIMBY, the Department of Planning and Environment, has given ten basic reasons why it recommends the EfW Incinerator be rejected by the Commission:

  • the proposal is inconsistent with the EfW Policy which presents uncertainty around the performance of the facility and the long-term risks to the environment and the health of the local community
  • the Applicant has not identified a suitable reference facility and therefore the expected air emissions from the proposed design fuel are unknown
  • given the uncertainties described above, the location of the proposal in close proximity to densely populated residential areas, schools, childcare centres and employment areas in Western Sydney, is not suitable
  • the proposed design fuel contains a significant portion of potentially hazardous waste streams which may result in harmful compounds, such as dioxins and furans, in the emissions
  • the development is likely to use material for energy recovery instead of utilising this material to achieve higher order resource recovery outcomes, which is inconsistent with the principles of the WARR Act and the NSW EfW Policy
  • the Applicant’s assessment is likely to have overestimated the volume of residual waste available for energy recovery in the MLA and has therefore not adequately justified the scale of the proposed facility
  • submissions on the development demonstrate there is significant opposition to the proposal
  • the Applicant has been unable to gain the community’s acceptance of the proposed development
  • the proposal is inconsistent with a number of the relevant waste and resource recovery strategies with respect to its scale and proposed waste feedstock
  • the development is not in the public interest as the public benefit of the proposed development does not outweigh the potential unacceptable impacts the proposed development may have on the surrounding local community now and into the future.


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