Australia’s first “air dome” in Blacktown

Published on 06 December 2017

Motox Dome.jpg

Blacktown City Council has approved Australia’s first air dome pavilion, which will provide all-weather protection for a $5 million, two track motocross stadium capable of seating 6,000 spectators.

The Sydney Indoor MotoX air dome, to be constructed near Sydney Motorsport Park at Eastern Creek, is the first of its kind in Australia and is essentially a large fabric dome that is kept inflated. 

“The technology is tried and proven and is used around the world to cover sporting venues because no interior supports are needed,” said Sydney Indoor MotoX Park owner Matt Bartolo.

“We are thrilled to be bringing Australia’s first air dome to Blacktown,” Mr Bartolo said.

Blacktown City Mayor, Stephen Bali MP, said: “Once again, Blacktown is showing it can deliver unique developments in rapid time.”

“At a time when the NSW Government is saying special tribunals are needed to approve planning applications because councils are too slow, we have shown that they are not needed,” he said.

Mayor Bali’s comments were backed by Mr Bartolo, who praised Blacktown Council’s “can-do attitude”.

“I have placed numerous Development Applications through many councils and this first-of-its-kind development was enthusiastically embraced by the Council planning team,” Mr Bartolo said.

“Unlike other councils, who have reacted overly cautiously to brand new ideas, Blacktown City Council worked with us to make sure the application process went smoothly and complied with all relevant regulations in rapid time.

“Blacktown City Council approved this in half our anticipated time, leaving us truly staggered by their can-do attitude!” he said.

The $5 million development uses an air-filled fabric dome to cover two tracks and a stadium.

There will be a track designed for junior and beginner riders and an longer and more complex track for senior and more experienced riders; as well as a café, motor bike hiring and motocross clothing and equipment.

“This should also go a long way to reducing illegal trail bike riding in western Sydney,” Mayor Bali said.

“The most common reason given to police when they catch trail bike riders is that there is ‘nowhere for them to ride’.  Once this motocross track is built, that excuse no longer applies.

“The motocross track will complement the current activities of Eastern Creek International Karting and the events held at Sydney Motor Sport Park that adjoins the site, confirming Blacktown as Australia’s motor sport capital,” Mayor Bali said.

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