Blacktown wouldn’t be the same without volunteers

Published on 17 May 2019

Kathy Briggs within the cattery at the Animal Holding Facility..jpg

Kathy Briggs is proud to be known as one of the longest-serving volunteers at the Blacktown City Council’s Animal Holding Facility.

Having assisted staff members within the cattery section over the past 6 years she has grown very fond of felines and highly recommends that residents take on the role of a volunteer.

“My highlight while working as a volunteer here at the AHF is seeing the unwanted and scared animals transform into friendly animals who get adopted by loving families,” Ms Briggs said.

“There is a real sense of family among the other volunteers and volunteering brings me satisfaction and a sense of purpose knowing that I am contributing to the community.”

Blacktown City Council has around 300 volunteers across numerous venues including the nursery, parks and libraries.

Blacktown City Mayor Stephen Bali MP said volunteers were an integral part of Blacktown City.

“Council volunteers are important as they help staff enhance the services provided to the community. We have volunteers that care for sick and abandoned animals, keep local parks clean, teach computer skills, provide visitor support at the Blacktown Arts Centre and help at the nurseries.”

National volunteer week is from 20 May 2019 – 26 May 2019.  It is an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contributions of volunteers.

“Volunteer week is a fantastic time to thank all volunteers for their contribution to the community”, Mayor Bali said.

Kathy Briggs is available for interviews upon request.