Council staff commended for response rescue

Published on 04 July 2018

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Blacktown City Council has praised the heroic efforts of two staff who tried to save a disabled man trapped in a house fire.

A 41-year-old man in a wheel chair was rescued from a house fire on Blacktown Road, Seven Hills by emergency workers and taken to Concord Hospital in a serious condition.

The officers were driving in the Seven Hills area at about 6.30am when they noticed smoke coming from the house, they stopped and tried to gain access to the property.

With the gates locked, the pair used their truck to knock down the gate and desperately tried to enter the house.

 Emergency services officers arrived soon after and removed the man from the house.

The men do not want to be fully identified and are only prepared to share their first names as Shane and Dennis.

Blacktown City Mayor, Stephen Bali MP praised the men for their quick response.

“I applaud these two men for their quick action this morning.

“I am extremely proud to have people like Shane and Dennis as part of the Blacktown City Council team and I’m sure the community appreciates their selfless act.”

Shane said: “We came in today to do our normal work, everything happened very quickly. We just did what we had to.”

“Right now it’s a bit of a shock. We did what we would do for anybody.

“Blacktown is our backyard and helping people is just part of what we do.”

Mayor Bali said the Council workers will be offered support as they come to terms with the incident.

“They went above and beyond their roles at Council, and performed a heroic act for their community,” he said.

“Council recognises these efforts. I look forward to meeting them and ensuring their heroic efforts are properly recognised,” Mayor Bali said.

Shane said while the interest in their role in the rescue has attracted attention from the media and local community, the pair is looking forward to having a rest today and returning to their normal roles tomorrow.


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