Electric garbage truck ‘on trial’ in Blacktown

Published on 20 August 2020


Street cleaning and waste collection operations have been a lot quieter and more environmentally friendly over the past couple of weeks in parts of Western Sydney.

Blacktown City Council has been trialling an electric garbage truck.

Blacktown City Mayor Tony Bleasdale OAM, said, “Earlier this year, Council committed to a target of zero-net emissions by 2030 for our operational electricity, fuel and gas use.

“This electric truck creates just 17% of the carbon dioxide emissions that a similar diesel truck would produce.

“Council is in the process of doubling its rooftop solar energy generation and has a target of 100% renewable electricity use for our operations by 2025, making the electric garbage truck a perfect fit for our strategy.

“So far, our drivers have all been impressed with the quietness and ease of operation of the electric truck.

“We anticipate that Council will add more electric and alternate fuel vehicles to our fleet in the near future.” Mayor Bleasdale said.

The Hino FE truck is fitted with an SAE electric motor and battery, both manufactured in Australia, and comes complete with a 10 cubic metre rear loading waste compactor.

Pictured: Blacktown City Council CEO Kerry Robinson, OAM, and Blacktown City Mayor, Tony Bleasdale, OAM, with the new electric garbage truck.

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