Community Participation Plan


Community Participation Plan 2019

Our Community Participation Plan (CPP) includes information about how and when you can expect Blacktown City Council to engage on particular planning and development related issues. The CPP provides a single reference point on planning and development community engagement.

We recognise that community participation in relation to planning and development matters delivers better outcomes for people in Blacktown City. The level of engagement we undertake depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to, the nature, scale and likely impact of the strategy, plan, policy, proposal or project being considered or assessed.

Our CPP applies to the planning functions of Blacktown City Council, and meets the requirements for engagement set out in Division 2.6 and Schedule 1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act).

We engage with local communities and key stakeholders to understand their needs and aspirations, and to ensure our community strategic plan, various programs, services and projects reflect these needs and aspirations appropriately and effectively.

Working with our community helps us make better informed and more sustainable decisions that align with our community needs.

We value the diversity of opinions, interests and experience that our community bring to conversations. Community engagement helps us understand the broad range of perspectives to make better decisions on behalf of our community.

The Community Participation Plan 2019 was developed in line with our Community Engagement Policy 2019 and Community Engagement Strategy 2019.

Community Engagement Strategy 2019

You can find more information on the Community Engagement Strategy 2019 here.