Planning Blacktown's future

The Blacktown Local Strategic Planning Statement 2020 (LSPS)(PDF, 12MB) sets out a 20-year vision for the future of Blacktown City as it grows and changes.

Our 20-year planning vision is for a planned city of sustainable growth, supported by essential infrastructure, efficient transport, a prosperous economy and equitable access to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.

Our City is one of the fastest growing in Australia – it is important to optimise this growth to seek more opportunities, better services and connections, and the right mix of homes and recreation areas for the people who live and work here. These are long term goals and we cannot deliver them alone – we need to work with state government, industry and our community to achieve these together. 

The current rate of population growth is expected to continue with urban development focused in the North West Growth Centre, of which Blacktown local government area has the principal share, and in defined Urban Renewal Precincts.  

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