Building new communities

Planning Blacktown's future

Our Blacktown 2036 strategic plan visualises what our communities, services, and locations will look like as we prepare for a population of over 500,000. 

These are long term goals and we cannot deliver them alone – we need to work with state government, industry and our community to achieve these together. 

The current rate of population growth is expected to continue with urban development focused in the North West Growth Centre, of which Blacktown local government area has the principal share. 

North West Growth Centre 

The North West Growth Centre covers about 10,000 ha of land within the local government area boundaries of Blacktown, The Hills and Hawkesbury councils.

Future urban development within the growth centre will supply up to 70,000 new homes and account for a total population of around 200,000 people.

The North West Growth Centre is divided into 16 precincts, 12 of which are within Blacktown local government area. 

Urban Renewal

Blacktown Local Environmental Plan 2015 encourages growth and renewal within the established areas of the City.

Our planning controls provide the opportunity to:

  • Concentrate growth around specific centres and transport nodes

  • Plan for about 14,500 new higher density homes, such as residential flats and mixed used apartment buildings, in the four urban renewal precincts of Blacktown, Seven Hills, Rooty Hill and Mount Druitt

  • Protect the low density character of our existing established suburbs

  • Change the land use zones for large parts of the Seven Hills and Blacktown industrial areas in order to encourage innovation and to increase the density and diversity of employment opportunities

  • Provide the regulatory framework to allow a health and medical service precinct to develop near Blacktown Hospital to make the most of the considerable growth occurring at Blacktown Hospital

  • Help create 30,000 new job opportunities in the Blacktown city centre

  • Preserve building design quality through stringent codes covering building form, architectural design and environmental guidelines

Providing infrastructure 

Developer contributions are essential in maintaining access to the facilities and services that our residents can enjoy.

Section 94 contributions enable authorities to levy contributions for public facilities and services. Contributions are levied for an area referred to as a precinct.

We calculate the contribution rate applicable to that area taking into account the cost of works required, including the costs to buy the land needed for the build the infrastructure.