Proposed Western Sydney Airport

Council’s Submission of the Draft EIS for the Western Sydney.

It is our firm view, together with other Western Sydney Councils and WSROC, that the Draft EIS for the Western Sydney Airport does not adequately assess the potential impacts of the development of an airport at Badgerys Creek on the residents of Western Sydney and Blacktown City in particular, and is deficient in many key aspects.

Additional EIS investigation needs to be undertaken by the Government and our submissions contains 30 recommendations that will need to be addressed to allow our community to be able to assess the full impact of the Airport on the residents of Blacktown and to address the omissions in, and the limitations of, the analysis undertaken in the Draft EIS.

We are requesting that no approval be issued for the proposed WSA until as such time as the issues raised in Council’s submission have been addressed in full and have are requested that an updated Draft EIS be exhibited for a period of 90 days, to allow residents and key stakeholders such as Council to review and comment on the updated document.

Whilst the submission period closes on Friday 18 December 2015, we do recommend that you continue to voice your concern over the inadequacies of the Draft EIS until as such time as a new or revised Draft EIS is prepared and place on public exhibition.

Our detailed submission on the Draft EIS.(PDF, 11MB)

The detailed comments in our submission have been informed by the advice received from specialists engaged to peer review the Draft EIS and how the proposed WSA will impact on Blacktown City. Our submission is accompanied by the independent peer review. The peer review provides supporting evidence for the issues that have been raised in our submission.