Seven Hills Town Centre

Planning for the future of the Seven Hills Town Centre

We are preparing an integrated land use masterplan for the Seven Hills Town Centre to manage its future growth and development. It is intended to provide sufficient capacity for housing growth and diversity, employment opportunities and ensure that the necessary supporting infrastructure is identified and is in place at the right time.

We welcome information from the community and stakeholders to assist us in creating the right planning outcomes for the Seven Hills Town Centre.


In 2017 the then Minister for Planning nominated the Seven Hills Town Centre as a ‘Priority Precinct’. The Department of Planning and Environment then commissioned a number of reports and studies, and engaged with the community, to investigate the potential for renewal and redevelopment in the Town Centre.

The project was paused for a period of time in early 2019. In November 2019, the new Minister for Planning and Public Spaces announced a new approach to planning for local places. This included the handing over of planning work for Seven Hills to Council.

Current status

Council is now leading this planning work and is working collaboratively with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) and various State agencies to progress this work.

We have appointed consultants to continue the planning work that DPIE had initially started. This work will inform a draft masterplan and planning controls for Seven Hills. The analysis that informs the masterplan will include:

  • traffic and transport
  • flooding and drainage
  • sustainability
  • social infrastructure and open space assessment
  • economic analysis
  • landscape and public domain.

In July  2020, Council held a workshop with our team of technical consultants and State agencies to discuss opportunities and constraints in the Seven Hills Town Centre precinct. The outcome of the workshop will inform discussions on a range of possible scenarios for the Seven Hills Town Centre. 


The planning for the Seven Hills Town Centre involves a number of phases and indicative timeframes that are shown in the diagram below. We continue to plan for the Seven Hills Town Centre in line with the indicated timeframes. 

Further opportunities for community involvement

The draft Masterplan and proposed development controls are expected to be placed on public exhibition in early 2021 to give you an opportunity to review and comment on the proposal.

We will continue to provide updates here to keep you informed.

If you would like to provide information that could inform the planning for the Seven Hills Town Centre or discuss this matter further, please contact our Senior Coordinator Strategic Planning, Rachel Agyare or  Strategic Planner, Agnes Brejzek, on 9839 6000 or

Indicative timeline