MUSIC modelling and WSUD developer handbook

The model for urban stormwater improvement conceptualisation (MUSIC), is a decision support system for simulating the performance of stormwater management measures. MUSIC is owned and distributed by the eWater Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) through the  eWater Toolkit.

We have partnered with eWater to develop MUSIC-link, which streamlines the process to both develop and assess MUSIC models because it contains our specific modelling parameters.  Further information on MUSIC-link can be found here.

We have also developed a specific range of MUSIC source and treatment nodes for use within the Council area. These nodes can be obtained through MUSIC-link or by emailing us on

WSUD developer handbook

Our 2020 WSUD developer handbook - MUSIC modelling and design guide is now available and can be found here(PDF, 3MB)

The updated handbook provides guidance on stormwater modelling approaches and input parameters for MUSIC models that are specific to our development requirements.  

Cover page.PNG

In updating the handbook, we undertook consultation with the development industry and considered around 250 individual comments.

The 2020 WSUD developer handbook provides concise information and guidance on our stormwater management requirements. It is intended to increase accuracy and completeness of development submissions, resulting in a more efficient assessment process.

We will be reviewing the handbook periodically to ensure it remains up-to-date and provides best practice guidance. We encourage users of the handbook to email feedback to us on We will review all feedback and, where possible, incorporate it into the next version. 

Important information for private landholders about their WSUD systems

Instructions for private landowners and their contractors on how to measure and report on non-drinking (non-potable) water use can be found at Section 3.3.1 of this handbook. 

Section 12.14 of this handbook provides information on how to test and maintain filter cartridges.