WSUD maintenance resources


The Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) inspection and maintenance guidelines(PDF, 52MB) have been developed to assist private property owners and managers to effectively manage their WSUD assets.

These Guidelines include detail of the following 11 different WSUD assets types, their functional components, along with reference, inspection and maintenance sheets:

  • biofilters (also known as raingardens)

  • biofilter street tree pits

  • filter cartridges 

  • gross pollutant traps (GPTs)

  • on-site stormwater detention (OSD)

  • pit inserts

  • permeable paving

  • rainwater tanks, that store rainwater and make it available for reuse

  • temporary sediment basins

  • vegetated buffer strips and swales

  • wetlands

Creative commons 3.0 distribution

Blacktown City Council, as an owner of copyright in these Guidelines, as well as the contributors identified in the publication, permit other Councils and public organisations to use and share these Guidelines.  Use of the Guidelines is pursuant to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia Licence (available at  The Guidelines can only be used for non-commercial purposes.   All contributors must be acknowledged as per the acknowledgements set out in the publication. 

Blacktown City Council has prepared an Adobe InDesign version of the Guidelines that can be used by local governments and authorities for non-commercial purposes.  For a copy of the complete InDesign document please email

For a copy of the reference, inspection and maintenance sheets for the 11 different WSUD asset types please see the Related Information.

If you are not a Council or public organisation and you would like to use material from these Guidelines, prior written permission must be obtained from Blacktown City Council.

WSUD fact sheets for private properties

WSUD fact sheet: WSUD assets_what are they and why are they important?(PDF, 4MB)

WSUD fact sheet: Complying with your WSUD asset management requirements - development constructed prior July 2020(PDF, 4MB)