Works-In-Kind Agreements

Section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 authorises councils when determining a development application, to grant development consent subject to a Section 7.11 Condition directed towards the provision, extension or augmentation of public amenities and public services, provided that the condition is authorised by a contributions plan.

In order to lawfully impose a Section 7.11 Condition, we are required to be satisfied that the proposed development will or is likely to create demand for new public facilities. There is an overriding requirement that contributions provided for in a Section 7.11 Condition are reasonable.

A Section 7.11 Condition may be satisfied ‘in-kind’ through a Works-In-Kind (WIK) arrangement between the applicant and the Council. A WIK arrangement cannot provide for the dedication of land in satisfaction of a Section 7.11 Condition.

Developers / applicants may submit a WIK proposal which will be assessed in accordance with our WIK Policy.  WIK proposals will be referred to our Section 7.11 Finance Committee for its consideration.  The proposal must relate to a work (or part work) listed in our Section 7.11 contributions plans.  We have developed a WIK template agreement to fast-track this process.  This template must be used for WIK arrangements.

Works-In-Kind Policy

Our adopted WIK Policy and template WIK Agreement can be downloaded below:

WIK Policy + WIK agreement template(PDF, 608KB)

Works-In-Kind Procedure

Our "General Guide to Works-In-Kind Procedure" provides general information about how we deal with WIK proposals through to the project completion.  The guide can be be downloaded below:

General-Guide-to-Works-In-Kind-Procedure(PDF, 10MB)   

WIK proposals should be addressed to the General Manager. Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Asset Management Engineer (Section 7.11) Siva Karthigesh, or our Manager Developer Contributions Dennis Bagnall on 02 9839 6000.