Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles

Developments shall adopt a decentralised approach to water quality and waterway stability, that is more attuned to the natural hydrological and ecological processes of the surrounding environment, and includes on-site collection, treatment and utilisation of water flows as part of an integrated treatment train that is provided either in addition to, or in lieu of, conventional stormwater treatment measures. Any proposed stormwater treatment measures must be located to minimise the potential re-suspension of pollutants and damage to vegetation.

The following water sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles have been adopted by Council, and shall be used to help developers and Council to guide the form and function of new development, as well as Council operational activities:

  1. Protect and enhance natural watercourses and their associated ecosystems and ecological processes.

  2. Maintain, protect and/or rehabilitate modified watercourses and their associated ecosystems and ecological processes towards a natural state.

  3. Minimise potable water demand and wastewater generation.

  4. Match the post development runoff to the pre development or natural water runoff regime as closely as possible.

  5. Mitigate the impacts of development on water quality and quantity.

  6. Mitigate the impacts of development on groundwater, particularly in saline groundwater environments.

  7. Ensure any changes to the existing groundwater regime do not adversely impact upon adjoining properties.

  8. Integrate water cycle management measures into the landscape and urban design to maximise amenity.

  9. Minimise the potential impacts of development and other associated activities on the aesthetic, recreational and ecological values of receiving waters.

  10. Minimise soil erosion and sedimentation resulting from site disturbing activities.

  11. Ensure the principles of ecologically sustainable development are applied in consideration of economic, social and environmental values in water cycle management.