Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) case studies

Angus Creek stormwater harvesting and re-use

Angus Creek is the site of one of the largest stormwater harvesting projects in Blacktown City.  When it rains, stormwater is harvested from Angus Creek, stored, treated and then re-used on the playing fields at the Blacktown International Sportspark and surrounding fields. The harvested water provides a sustainable water source that is suitable for irrigation purposes, reducing the amount of drinking water used for irrigation, while keeping our world-class sporting facilities green all year round. Additionally, less stormwater reaches our local waterways, resulting in a healthier Angus Creek. 


Blacktown Showground 

The Blacktown Showground site was redeveloped in 2012, to provide a multi-use recreational venue for our growing community. The Showground boasts a community garden, fantastic playgrounds and water play park and a cafe; and there is still plenty of space for when the show comes to town.  The central theme of the Showground redevelopment is water.  The water that runs through the site is treated through a raingarden and wetland.  Water is stored and harvested for irrigating the showground and community gardens.