Modification of a consent

We understand that sometimes things change. If any element of your proposed development changes after we've given consent, you’ll need to submit an application to modify.

Modifications must result in the development being substantially the same as the originally approved development. 

When completing the application, you’ll need to indicate the type of modification you’re proposing, and provide appropriate details:

  1. Minor - Section 4.55(1) - to correct a minor error, an incorrect description or miscalculation.
  2. Minimal impact - Section 4.55(1A) - Where the modification has little environmental impact. For example, internal design changes or minor changes to the facade of a building.
  3. Other - Section 4.55(2) - Changes that may have a larger impact such as modifying the building height or additional lots within a subdivision.

Fees apply to an application to modify an existing consent. These fees will depend on the type of modification and the original cost, please contact development services on (02) 9839 6000 for a quote.

To modify a Development Application please complete the Modification-of-Development-Consent-S4.55-and-S4.56.pdf(PDF, 190KB) form. 

To modify a Complying Development Certificate (Section 87)(PDF, 173KB) please complete the form. 

Please complete the conflict of interest declaration form.(PDF, 564KB)

If your proposed modification means the outcome is substantially different from your original proposal, you’ll need to submit a new development application.