Plan & build

Council wishes to advise that there may be a delay of up to 21 days in the processing of PANs and the lodgement of applications submitted via the NSW Planning Portal during the Christmas/New Year period.

For more information please contact our Gateway Development Team on 9839 6000. 

Recent Updates to the Development Application and Certification Process

From Friday 1 January 2021, the following types of building applications to Blacktown Council must to be submitted using the NSW Planning Portal

•    Construction certificates
•    Complying development certificates
•    Building information certificates 
•    Subdivision certificates
•    Basix certificates and 
•    Occupation certificates. 

By law, this will be the only way to legally make an application to Council. Any application, other than through the Planning Portal is not able to be accepted.

This method of submitting your application for approval will be available from 1 December 2020 and we encourage you to use this process for a more streamlined and efficient experience.

The NSW Planning Portal makes submitting applications to Council simple with the convenience of being available online, anywhere and anytime.

Since 1 July 2020 applications for the following certificates and approvals to Blacktown Council have been required to be submitted using the NSW Planning Portal:

•    Development Applications
•    Applications to Modify Consents (s4.55 applications)
•    Review of Determination (s8.2 applications)  

Our commitment to customer service continues and we encourage applicants continue to use our pre-application service and Gateway Planning Team for information and advice. 

Additional information and advice on this new applications lodgement service is available on the NSW Planning website or contact the Blacktown Customer Information Centre on 9839 6000 for general information.