New students

Assessments may be required for school aged children to ensure that students are placed into the correct swim school level. Contact the swim school to discuss whether an assessment is required (as assessments are only required if the student has had previous swimming experience). If an assessment is required then the swim school will outline an assessment date & time.

Once an assessment has been completed, enrolment will be dependent upon vacancies within the swim school program. If no vacancy is available at time of assessment, we recommend that you retain the assessment form and contact the swim school prior to the commencement of the next term program to discuss possible vacancies.

Current students

Students are assessed during Week 7 of the term to identify if they are eligible to progress to the next level for the next term program. An independent assessor will assess every child during assessment week.

If a child is progressing to the next level they will receive an Achievement Sticker of the level that they completed, as well as an assessment sheet outlining the new level to enrol into.

If a child is staying in the same level they will receive an Encouragement Sticker.

The stickers can be placed in the 'Pip the Penguin Learns to Swim' Storybook which is provided to each student in the Aqua Learn to Swim program.