Community Road Safety


To find out about any of these workshops or to book a series for your community group or organisation call our Road Safety Officer on 9839 6000 or email

Supervising Learner Drivers

This workshop is for those parents (or others) who are helping to teach a learner driver and covers:

  • what is involved in being a supervising driver

  • issues facing young drivers

  • how the NSW graduated licensing scheme works

  • the importance of learner driver experience

  • lesson planning and dealing with stress

  • tips for safe solo driving

  • where to go for more information.

This workshop can also be hosted by secondary schools

You’re the Driver

This free 4 hour workshop is usually run over 2 sessions of 2 hours each.  It is for all drivers from L platers to 90 year olds and covers:

  • your vehicle: choice of vehicle, safety features, registration, insurance, maintenance

  • your licence: getting a NSW licence, demerit points

  • driving basics: intersections, roundabouts and traffic signals

  • reading the road: looking ahead, understanding warning signs and linemarking, avoid the most common crash types

  • crash factors: speed, alcohol,drugs, fatigue, following distances

  • keeping money in our pocket – avoiding fines, knowing the parking rules.

DriveWise for seniors

This 2 hour workshop covers road safety issues for older drivers including health changes that affect our driving, dealing with roundabouts and a road rules refresher.  We also cover licencing options for older drivers and the importance of safety features on our cars.

This workshop is popular for seniors groups and in retirement villages.

Safe Walking for 65plus

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise.  As we get older there are things we need to be more conscious about when we walk anywhere. Find out how various health issues affect such as eyesight, hearing and mobility, affect our safety when we’re out and about. Get tips to make your travel safer and less stressful. This workshop is popular for seniors groups and retirement villages.

NSW Health hosts a Stepping On program for older people. For more information call the Program Coordinator on 02 9840 3603.

Keeping our children safe around roads

This free 1 hour workshop is for parents of children under 10. Find out about the issues for parents and carers as we teach our children to use the roads safely. This workshop is popular for community groups with parents of young children and with school P&C's.

Customised and translated presentations

Do you have a community group or service organisation with an interest in road safety? To find out about customising our workshops or to discuss what would work for your community group call our Road Safety Officer on 02 9839 6000.