Safety around Schools

Children are learning to cope in traffic

It's easy to forget how unpredictable children can be.  Before and after school they are excited about seeing their friends or their parents and can easily forget how to keep themselves safe near traffic.  As adults it's our responsibility to be extra aware when driving around schools, especially at times when children might be about.

School zone information for drivers

Here(PDF, 322KB) is a copy of our School Zone Offences leaflet.  

There is information about the meaning of parking signs and the fines that apply if you disobey the signs.  Some of the fines also have demerit points included in School Zones so make sure you understand the rules.  Please note that Transport for NSW is responsible for the School Crossing Supervisor program and for speed limits including School Zones.

Rangers and police supporting safety of children

Our Community Law Enforcement Officers patrol our schools during school drop-off and pick-up times. 

Police also keep an eye out around schools.  We ask for your assistance by doing the right thing every time whether you are just driving through the area or are involved in dropping off or collecting children from school.  We all need to work together to keep children safe as they travel to and from school.  Be aware that some offences have higher fines in school zones than in other areas and some also include demerit points.