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ABC Learn English

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) provides a free suite of video courses and resources to help learn English and navigate life in Australia.

AMES Online English Courses

Online interactive English learning courses for learners at beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced levels. Work at your own pace to improve your English skills. [Library membership required]

Clarity English - Clear Pronunciation

Clear Pronunciation 1 (Sounds) helps learners recognise and pronounce 43 English phonemes. The program includes over 1,000 audio clips and 50 videos providing input for the sounds and models for learners to copy. The Recorder enables users to record their voice and assess their pronunciation against a native speaker. [Library membership required]

Clarity English - Tense Buster

It helps learners develop their confidence in 33 key grammar areas from the simple present at Elementary level to phrasal verbs at Advanced. The program is ideal either as a self-access resource, or integrated into a course of study and used in class or for homework. [Library membership required]

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