English Conversation Classes

Blacktown City Libraries offer free English Conversation Classes at Max Webber Library, Blacktown.

Post Beginner - for those with simple reading and speaking skills who want to improve confidence when speaking in English. They will learn some Australian English.

Intermediate - for those who already have skills in speaking English but want to refine their skills to become more fluent and confident. They will learn more about Australian culture, slang and idioms. This level is a pathway to further education or applying for a job. Experienced trained literacy teachers will assess the needs of students and assist them on their learning journey.

Term 3, 2021

Applications are now open for Term 3 at Max Webber Library. Experienced and trained literacy teachers will assess your needs and assist you on your learning journey.

Bookings open

Monday 21 June 2021

Bookings close

Tuesday 13 July 2021


Wednesday 14 July 2021, 10am

Book now

Blacktown: eccbtnt32021.eventbrite.com.au
You can also register in person at Max Webber Library, if you do not have an email account.


Post beginner
Blacktown Mondays 19 July - 6 September
   Wednesdays 21 July - 8 September
Blacktown Thursdays 22 July - 9 September
  Saturdays 24 July - 11 September

For more class details, click here(PDF, 109KB)

Further information

For further information phone Joelmon Zungar on 02 9839 6611 or joelmon.zungar@blacktown.nsw.gov.au.