Blacktown Medical Precinct resident parking permit


This parking scheme is for residents within the Blacktown Medical Precinct near the Blacktown Hospital. 

Apply for a parking permit

Permit parking is part of an overall parking strategy for the Blacktown Medical Precinct to:

  • deliver a better balance of parking space for residents, businesses and visitors

  • maximise the parking space already in place.

Who can apply for a parking permit?

Occupants of all residential properties in the Blacktown Medical Precinct (the area around Blacktown Hospital) are eligible for a parking permit, subject to conditions.

Occupants of commercial or medical properties are ineligible to receive parking permits.

How do I apply? 

Complete the Parking-permit-application-Medical-precinct.pdf(PDF, 77KB)

  • NSW Driver’s Licence

  • Vehicle registration

  • 2 different utility bills not older than 3 months and showing the applicants name or

  • 1 utility bill not older than 3 months, and a current Rental Lease Agreement showing the name of the resident.

How many permits am I eligible for? 

Households can apply for 1 parking permit only.

Using the parking permit

Where the permit can be used

The parking permit is valid for B1 areas only.

Other council’s permits are not valid for use in Blacktown City. Likewise, Blacktown City permits are not valid for use in other councils’ permit zones.

The parking permit does not give any special rights within the signposted area. There are no exemptions from ‘No Parking’ and ‘No Stopping’ areas, parking close to corners, double parking, or any other parking or traffic rules.

How to display your permit

The permit must be displayed on the inside of the front windscreen on the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle to park beyond the time limit shown on the sign.

Permits cannot be used in other vehicles

The permit is only issued for use by residents.

The permit cannot be used in the vehicle of a carer, tradesperson or any other visitor.

Visitors permits are not available.

Lost or misplaced a permit

If you lose or misplace your permit, you can apply for a replacement. If the original permit is found, the replacement permit must be returned to us immediately.