Commence a new waste service

We offer residents a weekly garbage service and a fortnightly recycling service.

There are 3 service options available for our residents:

  1. 240L waste bin (red lid) and 240L recycling bin (yellow lid)

  2. 140L waste bin (red lid) and 240L recycling bin (yellow lid)

  3. 240L commercial service (red lid bin for businesses only). 

Costs for these services can be found in our Goods and Services Pricing schedule.

Only owners of the property or managing agents can commence a service with us, we will need proof of purchase or a managing agents agreement before we can process your commencement.

Once a request has been logged in our system, we will deliver your bins within the next 5-7 working days. Your bins wills be left on the nature strip, please make sure you store your bins safely until your first waste collection day.

To find out your waste collection day, enter your address on the My Neighbourhood page.

To request a garbage service with us, please either email us on or call us on 9839 6000.