Alwyn Lindfield Reserve

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A circuit walking path surrounds the sports field at this reserve. One loop is approximately 750 m. 

The outdoor fitness equipment was installed in 2017 and consists of a range of different pieces of equipment that can be used by all levels of ability.

The play equipment is located close by the outdoor fitness equipment to support families to get more active. The play equipment is suitable for young children.  

Netball courts are also found in the reserve and can be found close to both the playground and outdoor fitness equipment. Netball clubs use these courts during the winter sport season for week day training. 

The sportsfield is use by rugby union during the winter sport season and cricket during  summer sport season.

Your dog may run off the leash in the designated off leash areas of this reserve, but it must still be under your control (e.g. obey voice commands).

All areas are signposted to designate the off leash area within the reserve. Dogs declared as dangerous or restricted breed type dogs are prohibited from the off leash area. This is a fenced dog park.  

It is required by law that dog droppings must be removed and disposed of correctly.


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