Endeavour Park

Endeavour Park

The Endeavour Park playground is part of the recent overall upgrade of Endeavour Park, in Kings Langley. The equipment is selected to appeal to a variety of ages and abilities, hence is offered at varying challenge levels for example a low and a high slide.  This allows a child to select their level of challenge. The equipment includes active play, exploratory, sensory and creative play elements. Endeavour Park provides a large, diverse, challenging range of play experiences for adults and children including people with a disability. The park offers a number of shaded areas over BBQ's, tables and the sandpit. 

The design of the park and playground references Cook’s voyage aboard the HMB Endeavour as follows:

• the shape of the sandpit and intergenerational area represents Tahiti (the first part of Cook’s voyage)

• The orbit of Venus around Earth is represented by a curved concrete band in the centre of the playground hub (transit of Venus)

• The HMB Endeavour is represented by a 1:1 scale footprint of the deck in rubber and the tall masts become swings

• The East coast of Australia is represented in the ball games area

• Cook’s goat is placed in pride of place on the boat’s prow.

Within the playground space is a section of senior outdoor fitness equipment. This equipment is specifically designed to address the needs of seniors and focuses on improving dexterity, flexibility, strength and coordination. This senior equipment will support older adults to maintain quality of life. 

The walking path loops around the playground area and the dog off leash area. Outdoor fitness equipment can be utilised along this walking path. 

Your dog may run off the leash in the designated off leash areas of this reserve, but it must still be under your control (e.g. obey voice commands).

All areas are signposted to designate the off leash area within the reserve. Dogs declared as dangerous or restricted breed type dogs are prohibited from the off leash area. This is a fenced dog park.

It is required by law that dog droppings must be removed and disposed of correctly.


Endeavour Park, Sporing Avenue, Kings Langley 2147  View Map

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