Tregear Reserve

Tregear Reserve

Tregear Reserve is a baseball facility all year round. 

The walking path extends around the boundary of the sportsfield and can be followed along Ropes Creek towards Forrester Rd, Tregear for approximately 1.6 km. Outdoor fitness equipment can be found along a smaller walking path loop near the sports field and dog off leash area. 

The playground can be found at the entrance to the reserve with play equipment that is suitable for all ages and includes a swing and climbing frame. 

Your dog may run off the leash in the designated off leash areas of this reserve, but it must still be under your control (e.g. obey voice commands).

All areas are signposted to designate the off leash area within the reserve. Dogs declared as dangerous or restricted breed type dogs are prohibited from the off leash area. This is a fenced dog park.

It is required by law that dog droppings must be removed and disposed of correctly.


Tregear Reserve, Wilkes Crescent, Tregear 2770  View Map

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