Seasonal sports clubs

Kids playing sport

Welcome to our sporting grounds in 2019. To meet health and safety regulations, and to ensure we maintain our amenities and surrounds to the highest standards, we need your help and cooperation.


For the enjoyment of others, and to minimise pests and rodents, please leave our amenities and reserves, including barbecues, sports grounds, surrounds and car parks, clean and presentable at the end of each visit. Isolate canteen rubbish bins from food and empty bins after each visit.

For specific cleaning requirements, please refer to the sporting amenities and grounds checklist(PDF, 562KB).

Disposing of rubbish

We allocate a set number of waste bins to each reserve for general use. These bins belong to us and may not be moved or tampered with in any way without our permission.

All rubbish must be placed inside these bins. We will not collect any loose rubbish. Please do not leave cardboard or other rubbish around the base of the bins. If more waste is generated than the allocated bins can handle, it is your responsibility to remove excess waste.

For additional bins for special events and finals matches, contact the Parks Facilities Officer at 9839 6000 at least 10 days before your event.

It is your responsibility to distribute these additional bins to appropriate areas and to pick up litter generated by spectators, visitors or patrons. At the conclusion of the event, please place all bins in the bin compound.

Storing club property

We generally provide a storage space to seasonal tenants for the duration of the hire. Storage of equipment in the off season cannot be guaranteed and is subject to demand by seasonal tenants.

The amount of storage space provided is based on the proportion of each group’s use of the amenities and the type of equipment being stored.

You must store sporting equipment and canteen goods in designated storage areas only. Except for clubs that provide properly constructed storage rooms and buildings, please remove all club property from council amenities during periods of inactivity, such as at the end of season or over holiday periods

Do not store any items in disabled toilets, service ducts, meter rooms, service compartments or shower and toilet recesses.

Council and emergency services must have access to Council amenities from each entry point at all times. School groups or casual hirers, as well as cleaners and maintenance staff, may also need access to disabled toilets.

It is an offence to block or restrict access to disabled toilets or meter rooms. Any property and equipment found to block or restrict access of these areas will be removed and stored at our depot at cost to the club.

You must not store hazardous materials or equipment (such as gas cylinders and bottles) inside the amenities building. We will confiscate and dispose of any gas bottles found inside an amenity.

For health reasons, and to deter vandalism and theft, store canteen goods for short periods only.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure equipment and goods. We accept no responsibility for club equipment or goods stored in our amenities. 

Securing amenities and car parks

To prevent damage or abuse, please lock amenities securely when you leave.

All of our sports fields have designated car parking areas with lockable gates at entry and exit points. You will be given a key to access gates. Once your event is concluded, you must close and secure all gates.

Please immediately report any stolen or missing locks, including those secured by a welded chain, to us on 9839 6000 or Sports fields and the facilities contained within them are public open space. We cannot restrict access to these facilities, especially during the evening.

Installing banners and signs

You must not install a banner unless you have received approval from us to do so. Maximum display of approved temporary banners is for 10 days leading up to and for the duration of the approved event.

Banners, club flags, bunting, A-frame signs, sandwich boards or calico signs may be erected within the reserve on a daily or event basis at no cost to the sporting group, provided that activity is played at that venue.

You must ensure that these banners, flags, bunting, frames, boards or signs do not obscure, obstruct or interfere with road traffic signs, motorist or pedestrian vision, and emergency access to playing areas or otherwise adversely affect road safety.

Commercial advertising is not permitted.

Reporting vandalism and anti-social activities

Anti-social activities include inappropriate vehicle use, acts of physical violence, consumption of alcohol in a street or reserve, graffiti in public places, property damage and vandalism. These acts are aggressive, intimidating or destructive and negatively impact on the quality of life of others.

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to patrol parks and reserves after hours. To reduce and deter criminal activities and vandalism, we regularly approach NSW Police local area commands.

To report anti-social activities and crime, contact Police Assistance Line 13 14 44 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000. All calls are treated confidentially. To report graffiti and vandalism please contact us 9839 6000.

Requesting access for pre-season training, trial games and grading

Pre-season training may begin in the first week of February. This must be in accordance with the requirements of the summer hirer’s end-of-season competition and training.

Before using our playing fields, you must submit the Seasonal Hire application form to us. If you conduct activities on our reserves without our approval, your members may not be covered by insurance.

We cannot guarantee that goal posts, floodlights, cricket wicket coverings or field markings are erected and/or prepared before the start of the season. You are permitted to use portable goals provided you ensure these are safely secured to the ground and removed from the sports ground at the end of each day.

For permission to use portable goals, contact our Parks Facilities Officer on 9839 6000 or email

Vacating the premises

At the end of the season, please switch off all electrical items such as refrigerators, freezers and hot water units and remove all your goods. When your fixture ends and before the handover inspection, you must clean the amenity including steam clean any carpeted areas. 

We wish you all the best for the 2019 season. Please feel free to contact us on 9839 6000 if you have any further questions.