Netball in Blacktown City

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Blacktown City Council is excited to be working with Blacktown City Netball Association (BCNA) to deliver a bright future for netball in our city.

This page will provide all up-to-date, relevant information for Blacktown netball clubs, players and families.

Updates will also be posted on the newsfeed of both Blacktown City Council and BCNA.

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Blacktown City Netball Association’s new home at Schofields

Use of suburban netball facilities in the city

Future of International Peace Park 

Other support being provided


Blacktown City Netball Association’s new home at Schofields

Blacktown City Council is working with BCNA to develop a fantastic new home for local netball at Schofields (Reserve 980).

Latest developments

What are the next steps


Latest developments

March 2021 Update 

Council is committed to the delivery of a new multi-sport facility (Reserve 980) for our community.

We will continue to provide updates on what we have done recently, what we are doing now and what are our next steps.

What we have done recently

  • Attended the Blacktown City Netball Association meeting in February to present and answer questions from the Association all member clubs on the project

  • Confirmed funding for the purchase of the land and design of Reserve 980

  • Received submissions from the consultants required to deliver the project e.g. project manager and lead designer

  • Engaged a sports consultant to help us identify innovative solutions for playing surfaces

  • Established Council’s project control group

What we are doing now

  • Progressing negotiations of land purchase

  • Engagement of consultants

  • Clarifying and prioritising facility requirements with Blacktown City Netball Association

  • Scheduling a program of regular sport user group meetings

What are our next steps 

  • Host first project control group meeting

  • Obtain priority list of facility requirements from Blacktown City Netball Association


Thank you to the Blacktown City Netball Association executive and club representatives for hosting Council officers for an information session on Wednesday 10 February.

The table below outlines the project program with key milestones and target dates. 

Key Milestones

Target Commencement Date

Target Completion Date

Purchase of land from Defence Housing Australia

January 2021

October 2022 (ongoing)

Appointment of the consultants

February 2021

March 2021

Design of the regional multi-sport facility

  • 10% concept design
  • 50% concept design
  • 100% concept design
  • Documentation for construction

April 2021

October 2022

Engagement of construction contractor

  • Seek quotations for construction of the regional multi-sport facility
  • Evaluate submissions received
  • Appoint successful construction contractor

October 2022

February 2023

Construction of regional multi-sport facility

  • Service provisions e.g. utilities
  • Create final levels across park
  • Construction of netball courts and hockey fields
  • Construction of amenities building
  • Installation of shelter and seating
  • Planting of trees

March 2023

December 2024

Opening of regional multi-sport facility


January 2025


December 2020 Update – Major Announcement

Blacktown City Council is very excited to announce that we will now be solely responsible for the design and construction of the new regional multi-sport facility in Schofields.

This will include the new home for Blacktown City Netball Association. 

Previously, Defence Housing Australia was taking responsibility for this work.

We look forward to the opportunity to develop an first class, modern multi-sport facility.

A facility designed to serve local regional sporting needs. A facility of which our community will be very proud for many years to come.

Council will continue to work closely with our key stakeholders BCNA, Netball NSW, and the community, to deliver this new regional multi-sport facility.

Right now we are preparing a project program, which  we will share on this page as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye out for further updates.


Planning proposal and rezoning of the land

In July 2020, the NSW Government approved the Planning Proposal, which now allows Council to rezone the land and move to the next stage for the new Blacktown netball home.

We are very pleased this approval for the required land zoning has been received, bringing us one step closer to delivering BCNA’s new home at Schofields (Reserve 980).

Council lodged the Planning Proposal in December 2018.

Council was permitted to publicly exhibit the proposal in October 2019, it was approved by the NSW Government on 17 July 2020.

This development of a planning proposal is a detailed, complex process.

This Planning Proposal, established by the landowner and developer Defence Housing Australia (DHA), seeks to:

  • make consequential amendments to the proposed land zoning, height of buildings, residential density, land reservation acquisition and floor space ratio

  • rearrange the existing location and size of land use zones within the subject site.


Excavation of the site to prepare for construction

Bulk earthworks performed by heavy machinery such as graders, is needed to prepare an area to a suitable height and level for the construction to follow.

Bulk earthworks commenced in 2018, and are well underway at the future Blacktown netball site, as well as the rest of the development site.

See aerial photo below from January 2018 and August 2020 showing extensive progress.

Reserve-980-January-2018.jpg(JPG, 1MB)

Reserve-980-August-2020.jpg(JPG, 1MB)


Schematic layout for Schofields (Reserve 980) is complete

With a working group consisting of BCNA, Netball NSW, DHA and Council, a schematic for the indicative layout of Reserve 980 was established in September 2018.

This schematic layout was established to:

  • Ensure the Planning Proposal completed by DHA to zone the land included the space to accommodate all of the community sport and recreation facilities required to be included in Reserve 980 – including BCNA’s new home

  • Seek NSW Government funding for the delivery of roads and other public infrastructure into and surrounding the Reserve 980 area.

See schematic layout of Reserve 980 Plan (R980-plan-v3.jpg(JPG, 1MB))

We have a lot more work to do with BCNA in the design of this new home for netball and community park – some of this is outlined below.

Previous Council netball newsletters can be read here: (see here)(PDF, 1MB)


Public road access to Reserve 980

Council is currently working with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to secure the funding required to complete the land acquisitions and commence construction of Quakers Road from Quakers Hill Parkway to a point just south of Lockheed Drive.

Quakers Road is funded under the Special Infrastructure Contribution scheme (SIC). Determination of Council’s application is not expected to be determined until March 2021.


What are the next steps?

Reserve 980 design development working group and key stakeholders are meeting in December and will continue to work closely to deliver this project.

BCNA President Ms Dianne McKinnon is part of this working group. Please forward any suggestions for the design of Reserve 980 to Dianne for tabling with the working group.

The design of Reserve 980 is one of 3 key projects Council has established with BCNA to progress as we continue to plan for netball in our city.

The other 2 projects are:

  • Use of suburban netball facilities in the City

  • Future of International Peace Park.

BCNA has recently nominated a BCNA-representative to be Council’s contact for each of these two projects as we work through them.

BCNA Registrar, Ms Karen Szczerbanik is the BCNA-representative for the ‘Use of suburban netball facilities in the City’ project, and the BCNA Competition Secretary Mr Ian Read is the BCNA-representative for the ‘Future of International Peace Park’ project. 



Use of suburban netball facilities in the City

Part of our responsibility at Council is to make sure there is full use of all our parks and facilities.

In recent years, we have seen BCNA club St Andrews Netball Club begin using the netball courts at Jonas Bradley Reserve, The Ponds, as a weekly training venue.

Council will work with BCNA to enable access to other netball facilities where spare capacity for exists.

This project is important as it informs Project 3 – Future of International Peace Park.



International Peace Park

Council will work with BCNA to explore the future presence of netball at International Peace Park (IPP), after the new facility for Blacktown netball is complete.

Maintenance of existing facilities at IPP by Council remains important, and BCNA has nominated BCNA Secretary Ms Kathy Booth and BCNA Competition Secretary Mr Ian Read as the BCNA points of contact for netball clubs.

Please ensure you bring any items to Kathy and Ian’s attention so that they can convey these items to Council. Kathy and Ian will then send any maintenance requests to Council’s Parks Facilities Assistant, Ms Karen Finnie on 9839 6967 or via email 


Other work by Council

Sponsorship and subsidy

Council continues to sponsor the GWS Fury in the Netball NSW Origin Premier League competition ($20,000 pa), subsiding costs for court hire at Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope and offering opportunities for fundraising at Blacktown Aquatic Centre.

Upgrade works and maintenance of International Peace Park

Council is working with Blacktown City Netball Association to identify priority maintenance tasks,  matters and will work with BCNA to deliver the work within the available resources.

Blacktown City Council is excited to be working with Blacktown City Netball Association to deliver a bright future for netball in our city.

Any further queries regarding any of the above can be directed to Council’s Recreation Planner and Project Officer, Ms Kristina Genovese-Jones on 9839 6329.


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