Business Papers

Reports are submitted to the appropriate Committee for detailed discussion and consideration by the Councillors on that Committee.

The reports, together with attachments, are shown in the Committee Business Papers. The recommendations only from the Committees are then compiled in a Business Paper which goes to the Ordinary Meeting of Council on the following Wednesday evening, where these recommendations may be debated and can be accepted, amended or rejected.   

Meetings of the Council and its committees, except those parts of a meeting closed to the public, are webcast live on our website.  We do this to provide the community greater access to our meetings without the need to attend in person.

By attending or speaking at a Council meeting, members of the public agree to have their image, voice and certain personal information (including full name and suburb) recorded and publicly broadcast. The recording of each meeting will remain on our website for 12 months.  

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For more information, contact us on 02 9839 6000.

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