Children and young people

Early life

Our city is home to 122,781 children and young people, aged between 0-24.

It is important that we are responsive to the needs of children and young people and adaptive to changing times of rapid growth and new technologies.

In collaboration with communities, government and non-government agencies we support children and young people in Blacktown City. through programs, partnerships, and creating opportunities for them to actively participate in quality community life.

We regularly consult children and young people about development in our city and welcome feedback to better meet the needs of children and young people.

For more information, please view our Early Life Social Profile Snapshot(PDF, 2MB).

For more information about children and young people, please contact our Children and Youth Development Officer on 02 8886 2009 or via email.

Information for young people 

There are many different ways that young people can actively participate in their community.

If you, or a friend, need information or advice, please contact one of the services listed in the Blacktown Youth Service Directory.(PDF, 6MB)

Social issues and strengths are identified in our Youth Social Profile Snapshot(PDF, 2MB).

For more information, please contact our Children and Youth Development Officer on 02 8886 2009 or via email.

Emerton Youth and Recreation Centre

The centre was first opened in 1982 and provides both drop-in and structured youth recreational programs for children and young people between 7 and 17 years of age. Whether it is indoor soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, table tennis or art and craft lessons, this centre offers young people in Emerton and surrounding areas an opportunity to recreate in safe space.

For more information about this facility, please contact the Centre Coordinator on 02 9628 9292.

Mount Druitt and Blacktown Youth Services Network

This network is for services who work with young people across our city.  Membership is also open to students enrolled in disciplines related to community and social work and peak bodies relevant to the youth sector.

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month from February to December and strive to improve service provision for young people through advocacy, support, training and information exchange.

We also manage an active e-group to stay connected and up-to-date with all youth related programs and events happening across Blacktown City.  

To register to our e-group, please email us or contact our Children and Youth Development Officer on 02 8886 2009. 

Youth outreach programs

We place great value on strong partnerships and collaboration across our service sector and support the following youth outreach programs:

COM4Unity - Blacktown CBD

COM4Unity is a partnership between Council, local youth agencies, the Rotary Club of Blacktown and Blacktown Police:

  • A sports drop in program is held at Alpha Park at 6pm on Thursday evenings

  • Music and dance classes are held at Blacktown Youth Services Association and WestPoint on Thursday and Friday evenings at 6.30 pm 

  • Showcase music and dance performance events run by, and featuring, local young people are held quarterly

  • The COM4Unity Cup is an annual sports competition between local youth services

  • Specialist employment / job readiness programs are regularly held

  • Personal, career and health support is provided by local agencies.   

COLLAB Movement - Dawson Mall, Mount Druitt

This is a weekly youth outreach program that aims to:

  • positively engage young people

  • reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and racial prejudice

  • improve community perceptions to create pride and ownership

  • provide new opportunities for young people to pursue positive pathways.

This program runs every Thursday from 3 pm - 6 pm. It includes a free BBQ, basketball, table tennis and other activities.

COLLAB Movement also runs monthly events to celebrate national days of celebration and promote campaigns relevant to young people.

The initiative is coordinated through a leadership committee of organisations who are interested in achieving positive outcomes for young people in Dawson Mall and its surroundings.

For more information about our youth outreach programs, please contact our Children and Youth Development Officer on 02 8886 2009 or via email.

National Youth Week, The BURBS Festival 

National Youth Week runs in April every year. It is Australia’s biggest celebration of youth (aged 12-25) and gives young people the opportunity to share ideas, raise issues, attend events and celebrate their contribution to the community.

We celebrate National Youth Week through The BURBS festival. The festival consists of a series of events, programs and activities run by young people and youth organisations across our city and there are opportunities to volunteer. 

Watch The BURBS Festival 2017 video.

For more information or to get involved, please contact our Children and Youth Development Officer on 02 8886 2009.

Youth Advisory Committee

We are committed to supporting the active participation of young people within our community. The Youth Advisory Committee reports directly to us and is comprised of young people from across our city.  

If you love having a say, want to learn more about local government and are committed to representing youth, this committee is for you!  

For more information, please read our Youth Advisory brochure and contact our Children and Youth Development Officer on 02 8886 2009.