Native animals

The National Parks and Wildlife Act protects all native mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians in NSW and it is against the law to take them from the wild.

You may be able to obtain a licence from the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) if you want to keep native animals as pets. To find out more please contact the NPWS on 1300 361 967. 

Council does not house native animals.

Injured Native Animals

If you find an injured native animal, it is not permissable to keep the animal as a pet, therefore please contact: 

  • WIRES (Wildlife Information and Rescue Service)
    The NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue Service is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia.

    Phone: (02) 8977 3333 or visit the WIRES website.  

  • Your local Wildlife Rehabilitation Group. 


During breeding season, to defend their territory, nesting magpies may swoop on intruders, beating their wings, clacking their beaks and occasionally pecking (usually on the head). To magpies, intruders can include other magpies, dogs, cats and people. While a magpie may attack a person, very few will do so, as people are not their natural enemy.

If you are swooped by a Magpie:

  • try taking a different route next time

  • protect your head and eyes

  • wear a hat or carry an open umbrella

  • walk your bicycle

  • don't run, leave the area promptly.

Magpies are protected throughout NSW and it is against the law to kill the birds, collect their eggs or harm their young.

If you feel a magpie is a serious menace, it should be reported to the NPWS by phone on 1300 361 967.


If a possum has taken up residence in your roof, it is possible to trap and remove it from the ceiling cavity. You will first need to obtain a special licence from the NPWS to do this. The possum must be released back onto your property as it will not survive if removed from the area.

It is an offence to use poison to control possums.


If you find a snake in your backyard and would like it removed, the NPWS may be able to give you contact details for a local reptile expert.

If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact the NPWS by phone on 1300 361 967.