Pensioner rebates

Eligible pensioners who own and occupy a rateable property may be entitled to a pensioner rebate. This pension rebate is made up of both a mandatory and voluntary component.

Mandatory Rebate

Persons in receipt of certain classes of pensions are eligible for a mandatory maximum rebate of $250. This rebate is funded 45% by Council and 55% by the State government.

Voluntary Rebate

A further additional voluntary rebate to a maximum of $200 provided for eligible pensioner residents who have been ratepayers in the City for five full financial years. This rebate is funded 100% by us and is deducted from the resident’s Domestic Waste and Rates levy. This additional rebate is provided in accordance with Section 582 of the Local Government Act 1993.


Owners who become eligible pensioners during the year may be entitled to a pro-rata rebate of their Rates, calculated on a quarterly basis. Rebates are also reversed on a quarterly basis when owners become ineligible for the rebate.