On-site sewage management

On-site Sewage Management (OSSM) Systems are regulated by the Local Government Act 1993. All NSW councils must monitor the operation of OSSM systems in their area. This is especially important in Blacktown City where there are a large number of rural properties and some un-sewered communities. 

You need our approval to install and operate of on-site sewage management systems under section 68 of the Act.  

Installing, operating and maintaining an On-site Sewage Management system

Scheduling maintenance of an On-site Sewage Management system is the responsibility of the owner/ operator of that system. The system should be inspected by an authorised Environmental Health Officer every 1 to 3 years.

If you are looking to install, alter or remove a system, it is important to contact us for more information before you do any work. You will also need to complete an (PDF, 24KB)application for approval(PDF, 66KB) to install, construct or alter an on-site sewage management system and submit it to us.

The operation of any on-site sewage management system in Blacktown City is also a vital issue for us, and should you wish to operate a system, you must complete an (PDF, 32KB)application for approval(PDF, 147KB) to operate an on-site sewage management facility form and submit it to us.