Marsden Park Strategic Town Centre

Planning for a new town centre at Marsden Park                       MakingMarsden.png

We are on an exciting journey to plan for a new town centre at Marsden Park.

Council is leading the planning work, in collaboration with the NSW Government, to prepare a new Masterplan and development controls for the Marsden Park Strategic Centre.

The Masterplan will set a long-term vision and strategic directions to make sure future growth is well planned, sustainable and meets the changing needs of our community. It will be an integrated plan that provides employment opportunities, new and diverse housing types, community facilities and recreation areas alongside a future passenger rail line that will ultimately connect to St Marys and the Western Sydney Airport.

This work will review the NSW Government’s 2013 plan for the Town Centre to ensure the scale of development is right for a Strategic Centre, and fully integrated with a future passenger rail transport link.




The Marsden Park Town Centre was first identified in 2013 when the NSW Government finished planning for the new Marsden Park Precinct. The future Town Centre is near the intersection of South Street and Richmond Road, Marsden Park and will provide jobs and services for the new community.

Over the past few years, new development within the area, along with additional infrastructure projects, have reinforced Marsden Park as an essential future hub for the community and employment growth. Council and the NSW Government recognise the vital role of the Town Centre within the region and have identified it as a Strategic Centre in the Greater Sydney Region Plan: A Metropolis of Three Cities, the Central City District Plan and the Blacktown Local Strategic Planning Statement.

In November 2019, the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces announced a new approach to planning for local places, including handing over the planning work for the Marsden Park Town Centre to Council. 

Future passenger rail transport link

The NSW Government has identified a future passenger rail link between Tallawong and St Marys in the Future Transport Strategy 2056, the Greater Sydney Region Plan: A Metropolis of Three Cities and the Central City District Plan. A corridor for the transport link has already been preserved on State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 from Tallawong to Marsden Park. This corridor will be extended to St Marys and the Western Sydney Airport to provide much needed transport for the growing population in the North West Growth Area.

Council is working collaboratively with Transport for NSW, who is leading the corridor investigation program for this vital transport link. The community will be provided with updates by the NSW Government about the future passenger rail link when more information becomes available.

Indicative Program

We have appointed a team of consultants who are preparing various technical studies to inform the Masterplan. These relate to:

  • Communication and engagement
  • Economic, retail and residential feasibility
  • Traffic and transport
  • Urban design masterplanning, including landscape design
  • Environment and land capacity
  • Social infrastructure
  • Utilities infrastructure, drainage and flooding
  • Sustainability.


Indicative Timeline

The general program and timeline is shown in the diagram below.



We will continue to provide updates here to keep you informed.

If you need more information or would like to provide information to Council that could inform the planning for the Marsden Park Town Centre, please contact our Strategic Planner, Ben Creighton, or Senior Coordinator Strategic Planning, Rachel Agyare on 9839 6000 or email us at