Outdoor dining

We encourage outdoor dining areas that look good (and attract customers), function well and maintain clear and safe access for pedestrians.

Applying for an outdoor dining approval

Owners of food and drink premises with a street frontage can apply with us for an outdoor dining approval under the Roads Act 1993.

Some basic guidelines include:

  • 1.8 metres of footpath must be kept clear in the Blacktown CBD

  • 1.5 metres of footpath must be kept clear in other business centres

  • emergency access points and access to infrastructure (eg. electricity, water, post boxes, pram ramps) should not be obstructed.

 For detailed requirements refer to our Outdoor Dining Policy (refer "Policy Register" and search for "Outdoor Dining").

How to apply

You will need to submit an outdoor dining application form(PDF, 259KB), accompanied by:

  • a plan (to scale) of the proposed outdoor dining area

  • a description of the outdoor dining area furniture and accessories

  • evidence of public liability insurance cover for a minimum of $10 million that lists Blacktown City Council as an interested party.

A detailed application checklist and an example of an outdoor dining area plan are included in the application form.

Additional requirements

If the proposed outdoor dining area relates to a premises with a liquor licence, a Development Application (and fee) must be submitted.

If a fixed shade structure is proposed, a Road Opening Permit Application(PDF, 352KB) (and fee) must be submitted. 

The licence agreement

Once you have an outdoor dining approval, you will be required to enter into a licence agreement with us. That licence agreement will stipulate:

  • the annual rental fee for the footpath

  • the area to which the agreement applies (on a plan)

  • terms and conditions for the use of the footpath

  • the bond to be paid (to cover costs associated with any damage to the footpath).

Fees and charges

All fees and charges can be found in our goods and services pricing schedule in the following sections:

  • use of footpath areas

  • town planning fees (for Development Application fees)

  • road opening permits and deposits.