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Physical activity is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. We provide an expansive range of facilities that provide our growing and diverse community with great opportunities to be active.

Blacktown City Walk 

Being active is good for you in so many ways. It can provide a huge range of fun experiences, make you feel good, improve your health, and is a great way to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. So get walking in Blacktown!(PDF, 5MB)

Our Get Walking in Blacktown(PDF, 853KB) resource is available in a number of other languages, including:

Punjabi(PDF, 866KB)

Tamil(PDF, 948KB)

Arabic(PDF, 895KB)

Chinese(PDF, 926KB)

Nepalese.(PDF, 793KB)

Alternatively, printed copies are available from your local Council library.

Regular physical activity can:

  • Help prevent heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure

  • Reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes and some cancers

  • Help build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints reducing the risk or injury.

The Great West Walk is a significant western extension to the existing Sydney Metropolitan Walking Network. The walk links reserves, parks, footpaths, cycle ways and bush trails from Toongabbie via Marayong, Doonside, Rooty Hill, Mount Druitt, Whalan and Tregear to Ropes Crossing. This east to west trail can be easily completed in small selected sections.

Timbertop Reserve, Prospect(PDF, 2MB) – Timbertop Reserve is a great place to exercise and relax. From here you can follow the Blacktown Creek Walk and connecting parks, which will take you all the way to the Blacktown CBD (5 km).

The Ponds(PDF, 268KB) – Walk along Second Ponds Creek starting at Arrowroot Street, past Jonas Bradley Park and continue to Mallard Drive, The Ponds (2.7 km).

Oppy Reserve, Quakers Hill(PDF, 198KB) – A circuit around a great pocket of bushland in Quakers Hill (1.3 km).

Ashley Brown Reserve, Lalor Park(PDF, 165KB) – Walk along the riparian corridor that crosses various Council reserves before linking with the M7 shared pathway network (2.5 km).

International Peace Park, Seven Hills(PDF, 257KB) – Walk along a large city-wide sportsground starting at Rowley St, Seven Hills alongside Blacktown Creek,  International Peace Park and continue to Blacktown Aquatic Centre (1.7 km).

BrewongleWalkway, Blacktown(PDF, 221KB) – A linear walk through the suburb of Blacktown. Begin at Burke Street, Blacktown crossing Bungarribee Road at the nearby set of traffic lights and continuing to Newton Road, Blacktown (1.5 km).

William Lawson Park, Prospect(PDF, 217KB) – Walk starting at the William Lawson Wetlands through to Timbertop Reserve (1.1 km).

Woodcroft Lake(PDF, 180KB) – Beautiful lake side circuit walk including fitness stations for an extra workout.

Nurragingy Reserve, Doonside(PDF, 237KB) – 90 ha of passive space boasting bushland, picnic areas, wetlands and areas of Aboriginal significance. Walk from the Colebee Centre car park towards the Lorikeet picnic area, follow the trail that loops around the north of the reserve, then follow the trail back finishing the walk around the International Gardens (2.7 km).

Plumpton Park, Plumpton(PDF, 186KB) – Stroll around the bushlands and wetlands at Plumpton Park (1.1 km).

RAAF Memorial Park, Mount Druitt(PDF, 164KB) – A historic walk in the midst of native bushland, enjoy the circuit path with fitness stations positioned along the walk (900 m).

Walking and Jogging tracks in Blacktown(PDF, 6MB) - Print this handy pocket guide to discover 10 fun and interesting walking and jogging tracks. You can record your progress as you train whilst discovering some wonderful and naturally beautiful environments within Blacktown. 

The Heart Foundation runs walking groups in Blacktown.

Find your nearest group.

The Great West Walk

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The Great West Walk is a network of reserves, parks, footpaths, cycles ways and bush trails between Parramatta and Katoomba.

A significant part (34 km) of this walk is within Blacktown City; starting from McCovy Street, Seven Hills at the railway overbridge it continues through Marayong, Doonside, Rooty Hill, Mount Druitt, Whalan and Tregear to Mainwaring Street, Ropes Crossing in Wianamatta Regional Park.

This east to west trail can be easily completed in small selected sections from, and to, many of our parks and reserves (listed below).  Click on the links for information on the location and facilities of each one.

Click here(PDF, 316KB) for further information on the Great West Walk in Blacktown City prepared by Walking Volunteers Inc.


Click here for map details. 

Note: this link can be downloaded to Android phone and Iphone.

For Android phone to navigate, please follow instruction below:

  1. Once you have clicked on above link.
  2. Click on the Google Maps app .
  3. Tap Menu   Your Places  Maps.
  4. Tap the map “Great West Walking Network”.

 For more detailed instructions on how to download and use the map, click here.(PDF, 13KB)


Improve your health by getting outdoors and going for a run.

Utilise any of our walking tracks and increase your heart rate by jogging or running.

Top tips for running safely:

  • Avoid injuries by warming up before exercise with gentle movement and cooling down after exercise with stretches

  • Wear shoes that are specifically designed for running

  • Keep hydrated especially in hot weather and consider taking water on longer runs

  • Keep muscles warm in the cold weather by wearing appropriate clothes

  • Be sun smart by wearing sunscreen and a hat

  • Running during daylight hours is recommended. If you run at night time wear reflective clothes so that you can be seen clearly.

Get involved with one of our free community running groups.

The Ponds Parkrun – Every Saturday at 8 am.

Rooty Hill Parkrun – Every Saturday at 8 am.


Riding a bike is a great way to keep fit, enjoy the great outdoors and see many of the sights around the local area. We are dedicated to providing a network of off-road cycling tracks and making on-road cycling safer.

When cycling, remember to wear a helmet, give way to pedestrians and obey the road rules.

For your own safety, your bike should be fitted with a bell or warning device; and white front and red rear end reflectors. At night, you must use a headlight and tail light, and wear reflective clothing.

The Blacktown Bike Plan(PDF, 9MB) has been created to help cyclists move around.  

Please follow the link to Bicycle NSW  - NSW Riding Map for a collection of rides to enjoy in Greater Sydney.