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We are committed to supporting our local clubs. 

Club Spot

Club Spot is a free online training and resource hub created by Sport Community, available to all Blacktown local sports clubs. It aims to support local clubs to strengthen and grow.

Club Spot membership provides access to a huge library of support resources to help our sports clubs and volunteers succeed and thrive.

What is in Club Spot?

Resources include checklists, templates, videos, podcasts, articles.

Topics important to club volunteers:

  • finding grant funding opportunities

  • writing and winning grant applications

  • attracting sponsors

  • running Events

  • using social media at your club.

Club Spot


Sport Club Grant Funding Programs

Please follow the links to the current grant funding programs available to local sporting clubs.

If your sport club is interested in submitting a grant application that requires the support of Council please complete the Grant Funding Request Form(PDF, 121KB) and email to

Current Grant Programs

Jetstar Flying 

Greater Cities Sport Facility Fund


Multicultural Community Sports Grant

Upcoming Grant Programs

Grant Program  Fund details

Guide for 2021 applications


NSW ICC World T20 2020 Cricket Legacy Fund 

The Fund will provide assistance to community cricket clubs, associations and local councils. The Fund aims to improve cricket facilities and supporting infrastructure, increase participation opportunities, improve female player pathways and enable hosting of elite cricket content in Regional NSW.


Successful applicants will be notified by the funding body from the 2020 intake.


Community Building Partnership Program

The program awards grants for community infrastructure projects that:

• Deliver positive social, environmental and recreational outcomes

• Promote community participation, inclusion and cohesion 

The successful 2020 round projects were announced in November 2020


 Greater Cities Sport Facility Fund

The Fund will assist eligible organisations to develop quality core sport infrastructure that will meet the current and future needs of the community.

The Fund will support the development of well-designed and utilised new and improved sport infrastructure projects that can directly impact and support participation and performance opportunities in sports at all levels.




Greater Sydney Sport Facility Fund

To ensure funding is allocated to those sporting facilities that deliver the best outcomes for the communities they support.

  •  Increase the number and type of sport facilities

  •  Improve the standard of existing sport facilities

  • Increase participation in sport











 Local Sport Grant Program

To increase regular and on-going participation opportunities in sport and active recreation, address barriers to participation and assist sport clubs provide quality service to their members, with four project types;

• Sport development

• Community sports events

• Sport access

• Facility development

Successful applicants will be notified by the funding body from the 2020 intake.


Stronger Communities Programme- Round 6

The Stronger Communities Programme (the program) supports the Australian Government’s commitment to deliver social benefits in communities across Australia.





 Multicultural Community Sport Grants

Funding will provide much needed support to community organisations and media to continue their excellent work in helping to keep NSW safe. Funding will also support Festivals and Events that celebrate and embrace our state’s vibrant cultural diversity, while ensuring health and safety remains a priority.






ClubGRANTS Category 3 Fund - Infrastructure Grants 

To support the building, renovation and fit out of infrastructure to communities across NSW. 

Funding is available for sport and recreation, arts and cultural and emergency preparedness projects. 


Applications open 1 February