Review the conditions

Receiving DA approval is an exciting step towards making your plans a reality, but it's not quite a green light.

You must read your determination notice carefully to understand your obligations before starting work.

Your approval often comes with a set of conditions that outline the requirements for how to carry out your development.  Make sure you and your builder understand and carry out the work according to the Development  Approval Conditions.

Your approval may take one of the following forms: 

  1. approval - generally subject to certain conditions and with a maximum time limit of five years to start work on the development. It may require additional information to be submitted to us.

  2. deferred commencement - this is given when development applications have particular issues that need to be resolved within a fixed timeframe before the approval becomes 'active'.

  3. refusal - we refuse the development application.

If your proposal includes building or construction work, you'll need to obtain a Construction Certificate.