Beat the heat


We want to help you beat the heat this summer. Council is committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of its residents, as well as visitors to the region.

Remember the 4 key messages to keep you and others healthy in the heat:

  1. drink plenty of water

  2. keep cool

  3. take care of others

  4. have a plan

Steps to stay healthy in a heatwave


Beat the heat tips

Heatwaves or long periods of extreme heat can have serious impacts on people's health.  Planning ahead and being prepared for extreme heat is important. 

Here are some simple tips from NSW Health on how to 'Beat the heat':

1. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!

  • It’s important to drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

  • Keep hydrated wherever you go by taking your own reusable bottle when you leave the house.

  • Stock your fridge with cold water and freezer with ice.

  • Avoid alcoholic, hot or sugary drinks including tea and coffee, as they can worsen dehydration.

2. Keep cool

Keep your body cool by:

  • drinking cold drinks

  • eating colder foods, like fruit and salad

  • wearing light coloured, loose fitting clothing

  • keeping out of the sun, and if you have to go outside, making sure you slip, slop, slap

  • taking cold showers or baths

  • Minimise physical activity, do all household chores early in the morning when it is coolest.

Keep your home cool by:

  • Cool your house by closing windows, shutting curtains and blinds, opening windows at night if you can to let in cool air.

  • Use air-conditioning if you have it (make sure it’s set to cool).

  • If you don’t have air-conditioning, spend time in a cool place like a library, shopping centre or cinema.

  • Know which room in your house is the coolest

  • If there is no power or you can’t get to an air-conditioned space, spend time in the coolest part of your house.

  • Use your stove and oven as little as possible.

3. Take care of others

Children, the elderly and our pets often feel the heat more than others. If you have elderly friends, relatives or neighbours, you can:

  • check on them daily

  • make sure they have cold water

  • encourage them to stay hydrated

  • ·organise a day out to a cool place, such as the shopping centre or pool.

With children, you can:

  • put wet towels or cool packs on their foreheads and arms

  • never leave babies or children alone in the car, even if the air conditioner is on

4. Have a plan

  • Know who to call if you need help

  • Follow medical advice if you feel unwell

  • monitor the weather forecast and plan your day around it

  • Know what to do in case of a bushfire. Information on bushfire preparedness is available from the  NSW Rural Fire Service.

For other tips go to NSW Health's Beat the Heat page. The website contains information on how hot weather influences your health, how you can prepare for and stay health in the heat, how you can recognise and treat heat-related illness and how you can care for people that are at risk of heat-related illness.

Places to go and things to do

The best places in Blacktown to keep cool.

Blacktown is your one-stop-shop for exciting places to go and things to do as the temperature rises this summer. 

Blacktown has a host of water activities, which are perfect for summer.

Enjoy the biggest and best water theme park – Wet’n’Wild Sydney.

Rides the waves at Blacktown Leisure Centre, Stanhope.

For some fun in the pool, head down to Blacktown Aquatic Centre, Charlies Lowles Leisure Centre Emerton, Mount Druitt Swimming Centre and Riverstone Swimming Centre.  

Splash at our water play parks at Blacktown Showground and Nurragingy Reserve

You can enjoy the air conditioning while watching a film at Hoyts Cinemas, watch a world-class performance at Blacktown Arts Centre, or enjoy tenpin bowling, arcade games and laser skirmish.

Head over to Westpoint Blacktown and Mount Druitt Westfield for some retail therapy.

To catch up with friends and family, Rooty Hill RSL, Blacktown Workers Club, Blacktown RSL and Seven Hills RSL offer great food and entertainment, and Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club is perfect for either a relaxing or competitive game of golf. 

Blacktown also has a host of amazing places to enjoy a meal.

Check out the Visit Blacktown website for more ideas on how to spend your summer days and nights. 

 How you can beat the summer heat

Cooling your home

Urban areas are getting hotter than regional and rural areas due to the urban heat island effect. The urban heat island effect is a significant issue for Blacktown City because of the increasing urban environment with homes increasing in size and gardens are getting smaller. Climate change and an ageing population also make Blacktown City residents vulnerable to extreme heat.

If you want to make your home and city cooler, greener and safer in extreme heat, you can:

  • plant trees in your garden to provide shading

  • paint your roof a light colour or apply reflective roof painting to reduce heat absorption

  • swap out hard surfaces for grass and drought tolerant or low water gardens

  • install awnings, roller shutters or shade sails to minimise direct sunlight from getting in the windows

  • plant out your garden to increase shading on your home.  Find out how gardens can reduce heat on your house(PDF, 3MB).

To get started, read our fact sheet on plant selection and care(PDF, 2MB).