Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan


On 22 November 2017, Council adopted its Masterplan for the Riverstone Town Centre.  This decision was made following consultation with the community mid-2016.

Council adopted Option 2 'Main Street' as the design and planning basis for the Masterplan.  This option establishes Market Street as the new core of the Town Centre. The aim is to create a traditional main street along Market Street that will become a key focal point in the Riverstone Town Centre.

In the future, Riverstone Town Centre should contain:

  • New retail, commercial and entertainment activities along Market Street

  • Mixed use and higher density living within the Town Centre

  • New or expanded community facilities such as the library and aquatic centre

  • New Civic Space/Village Green on Market Street

  • Supporting utility services with sufficient capacity for growth

  • A safe, attractive and sustainable public domain.

The Masterplan sets out the vision and strategic direction for the future development of Riverstone Town Centre. It is the result of a detailed urban design, traffic and economic analysis. Our next steps are to:

  • Prepare a planning proposal to amend planning controls in Blacktown Local Environmental Plan 2015. This will commence in early 2018 and will result in changes to zonings and height of building controls.

  • Place the planning proposal on public exhibition

  • Council adoption of the final planning proposal and submission to state government for approval.